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Sunday - June 21, 2020
Saturday - February 08, 2020
Saturday - December 21, 2019
Sunday - September 29, 2019
Wednesday - July 17, 2019
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Box Art

Sunday - June 21, 2020

Gloomhaven - Guildmaster Mode

by Myrthos, 20:02

More details about Gloomhaven's guildmaster mode has been shared.

Following our last announcement about the upcoming Guildmaster mode, we wanted to share with you more details about it! As you may know, the current Adventure mode will be replaced by the Guildmaster mode on June 25, in which you’ll discover a more immersive and progressive gameplay. It is indeed a new way of looking at the game, while adding as you go along, essential bricks of content for us to build the final campaign.

This time, we’ll talk about the Guild itself, and which improvements it brings. As the continent faces the arrival of bandits and monsters, the roads are not safe anymore. As a guildmaster, this is an opportunity for you and your mercenaries to make a few gold coins out of this mess.



Thanks henriquejr!

Saturday - February 08, 2020

Gloomhaven - Community Challenge achieved

by Hiddenx, 14:36

Henriquejr spotted that the first community challenge of Gloomhaven has been achieved:

Gloomhaven’s First Community Challenge: ACHIEVED

Find out which skin will be unlocked first!
Greetings mercenaries!

We're happy to announce that the goal of 250,000 kills has been achieved within the allotted time, you have actually managed to kill more than 265,000 monsters in the dungeons of Gloomhaven!

That's a lot of monsters, but who killed the most? Cragheart, Mindthief, Spellweaver, Brute or Tinkerer? Below you can see which mercenary achieved the most kills to know not only which skin will be released in the upcoming patch, but also the order the skins will be released for the future Community Challenges!

  • 1st place: Brute Boneguard
  • 2nd place: Spellweaver
  • 3rd place: Cragheart
  • 4th place: Mindthief
  • 5th place: Tinkerer

As Brute has the most kills, their skin will be unlocked soon in an upcoming patch release. But because we know you want to see exactly what that skin looks like, let's show off this awesome picture!

Saturday - December 21, 2019

Gloomhaven - Major Update

by Hiddenx, 19:51

Henriquejr spotted an update for Gloomhaven:


We’re very pleased to announce the release of a new major update for Gloomhaven! You can now roam the gloomy forests of Gloomhaven, but do not expect to find any rest, as fearsome enemies roam this terrifying environment.

Brace yourself to meet new guards and archers, from the race of the Inoxs and Vermlings. Do not underestimate the forest Imps and the mysterious powers of shamans. And stay sharp, for hounds lurk among the vegetation...
For the bravest of you, a new monstrous boss is awaiting, beware!

Welcome them well, with a sword and a few fireballs!

With this update, you will also discover an all new music track and six new cards for your characters. We also improved the GUI with an undo step to the Ability Infuse items, an info bar which displays the XP earned and more!

Discover the new Forest biome in our all new trailer:


Don’t forget to check the full patch notes here, to see all the fixes and improvements. 

Sunday - September 29, 2019

Gloomhaven - Roadmap

by Hiddenx, 03:28

Here's the roadmap for Gloomhaven:

Gloomhaven Roadmap Updated

The adventure continues...
This week was a real milestone in Gloomhaven Digital's adventure: we released the first major update including:

  • a fifth mercenary, Tinkerer, including all of his level 1, and 3 of his X cards, as well as 10 cards to unlock while leveling up
  • the highly requested tutorial
  • a slew of features and content following community feedback including, the removal Durability from the game, the implementation of X cards for the all the current mercenaries, etc.

But it is just the beginning, and many milestones will appear throuhout the Early Access of Gloomhaven: due to the overall complexity of the rules, UI/UX and general design of Gloomhaven, we are relying on your engagement and feedback to ensure we develop a great video game based on an incredible board game.

As you can see, the roadmap has evolved since we are planning on changing our development priorities based on the communities feedback and responses. This does however indicate our general plan of action in which we will be rolling out all of the content of the board game and more over the course of Early Access, with the release of the full campaign and multiplayer alongside the full launch.
But we can assure you that we are eager to test the full campaign AND multiplayer on steam… but good things come to those who wait.

Our next major content update is planned for Q4 with Mindthief, new environments, new enemies, bosses, more cards for released characters, new items, perks & enhancements. But fear not, as we will be radually be rollin out more new content and features between these major updates as well.

Continue to share your feedback as, as you can see, this helps us to improve the game. Join our Discord server, the dedicated Facebook page, the Facebook Group community and the Twitter account to share your feedback, or discuss your experience with other players. 

For bug reports, you can contact us here: 
On that platform, you’ll find our FAQ that may answer some of your questions (note that it evolves over time). To contact us directly, just click the red “CONTACT US” button and fill the form to submit a ticket

  • In case of a bug report, adding error logs to your message will help us tremendously, we will also let you know if we need those in our response.
  • You can find the output_log in C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalLowFlamingFowlStudiosGloomHaven
  • If you just dealt with a crash, we will without a doubt make use of the crash log.
    You can find the crash dump in C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalTempFlamingFowlStudiosGloomhavenCrashes

Thank you in advance to everyone for your help and feedback: you help us make the best possible game for you and everyone else.

Thanks henriquejr!

Wednesday - July 17, 2019

Gloomhaven - Early Access Release

by Hiddenx, 22:01

The Early Access version of Gloomhaven is now available on Steam:

Gloomhaven's Early Access has Begun!

Gloomhaven has now launched to Steam on PC for 24.99 USD/EUR. Enter the Early Access now and begin adventuring through the dungeons of Gloomhaven, facing off against a variety of deadly foes across a range of dungeons and encountering powerful bosses!

Your journey to the darkened lands of Gloomhaven is complete and your adventures to prove your power have begun. You've settled in the Wayward Inn with your party to rest after your long and difficult travels. While drinking an ale you overhear snippets of conversation between two town militia...A Bandit Commander has come into possession of a number of heretical texts and has begun researching necromancy. Magic generally comes hand in hand with gold and riches, so you have asked around and discovered the location of the bandit's hideout.

You begin your journey and decide that you are not quite ready to confront the Bandit Commander yet. You leave Wayward and decide on raiding some local crypts in search of knowledge and better equipment. It's time to choose your path and begin your adventure! Will you become a mercenary reknown beyond measure, that thinks tactically and plans out their adventure carefully, surviving to the end... or will you be rash and laid to rest by your foes in the depths of the crypts and dungeons of Gloomhaven?


Thanks henriquejr!

Tuesday - July 09, 2019

Gloomhaven - Gameplay Overview Video

by Silver, 18:59

A gameplay overview video for Gloomhaven.


Enter the dungeons of Gloomhaven entering Early Access on July 17 on Steam!

Friday - June 28, 2019

Gloomhaven - Early Access Teaser Trailer

by Silver, 00:34

An Early Access teaser trailer for Gloomhaven.


Gloomhaven enters Early Access on July 17! 🔥

Add Gloomhaven to your Steam wishlist now!

In Gloomhaven, you play as a team of mercenaries on their own personal quests to go conquer a world of gloomy and wicked decadence. Choose your group members wisely, because in the turmoil of battle you can only rely on your wits, skills and spells to fight your way through the putrid dungeons and forgotten ruins. In this rogue-like dungeon-crawling adaptation of the famous board game, you will journey through terrifying randomly generated dungeons, fight against increasingly horrific and powerful foes…or die trying.

Thursday - June 13, 2019

Gloomhaven - Early Access July 17th

by Silver, 12:26

Gloomhaven will launch onto Steam Early Access July 17th.

PARIS - June 11, 2019 - Asmodee Digital announced Gloomhaven will start its Early Access on July 17th. For the first time, the gameplay was revealed last week during a four hour-long exclusive stream on Twitch. This special event, hosted by Sam Dempsey, Social Media Manager at Asmodee Digital, with special guest Craig Oman, CEO of Flaming Fowl Studios, was followed by more than 110,000 viewers on Twitch.

As a board game, Gloomhaven has raised $4.4 million on Kickstarter thanks to more than 45,000 backers. Acclaimed by both board game players and critics, the Gloomhaven board game achieved the highest rating on BoardGameGeek and won 6 Golden Geek awards including "Board Game of the Year" in 2017.

In the digital adaptation of Isaac Childres' ultimate strategic board game, developed by Flaming Fowl Studios, you play as a squad of 2-4 mercenaries, in a world of darkness and trials. Gloomhaven is a balanced mix between Tactical, RPG and dungeon-crawling. Its legendary unforgiving difficulty rewards only the best strategic-thinking players. Gloomhaven will be released in Early Access with the same gameplay as the board game, adding a new exclusive roguelike mode. The campaign mode will be available at the official launch of the game.

Thursday - May 09, 2019

Gloomhaven - Summer Surprise

by Hiddenx, 19:17

Gloomhaven will be released as Early Access version this summer:

A Summer Surprise and a Hot Visual

Greetings Mercenaries!

It is always darkest before the dawn, and the light of day is starting to shine over the city of Gloomhaven with all of the information we are giving you today!

Let's start by upping our prosperity rating by revealing the freshly made and beautiful key art for Gloomhaven.


This isn't all we wanted to talk about though!
The temperature continues to rise as summer approaches, which means so too does the power of Sun Demons... To counter this, we will be launching Early Access to all mercenaries this Summer!

As I'm sure you're all greedy sellswords who keep wanting more, we have more glorious news planned for you that will be released in the near future. So be prepared for a barrage of tantalizing information to whet your appetite for Gloomhaven!

Be sure to add Gloomhaven to your wishlist to stay informed about updates on this blog or keep your eyes on our social channels to stay aware of what's happening. We may also potentially announce a certain date that a lot of wandering travelers have been searching for!

We'll see you back in the streets of Gloomhaven soon!

Thanks henriquejr!

Wednesday - May 08, 2019

Gloomhaven - Meet the First Four Characters

by Silver, 20:21

@IndianNoob Flaming Fowl Studios have introduced their first four characters for Gloomhaven.


The first characters in Gloomhaven include:

-The versatile Savvas Cragheart

-The powerful but fragile Orchid Spellweaver

-The tank-like Inox Brute

-The stealthy Human Scoundrel

Seasoned adventurers will have to wisely weigh all their decisions, as every choice in Gloomhaven has consequences. The turn-based, tactical, dark fantasy game rewards strategic planning and thinking, not luck. Players will master 17 playable characters, featuring more than 1,000 unique abilities. Different sets of abilities allow unique build paths for each character leading to multiple team synergies in order to face more than 50 different enemies. From gloom, only greed and death emerge!


Information about


Developer: Flaming Fowl Studios

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Tactical RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Unknown

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· To be announced
· Publisher: Asmodee Digital