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Saturday - November 21, 2020
Wednesday - June 24, 2020
Tuesday - April 21, 2020
Thursday - March 19, 2020
Sunday - March 15, 2020
Tuesday - March 10, 2020
Box Art

Saturday - November 21, 2020

Horizon's Gate - Patch 1.3.8x

by Hiddenx, 20:08

New patches for Horizon's Gate:

Horizon's Gate now has an in-game mods window for toggling and changing mod load order! Check it out:

There are also lots of balance changes, such as a Rasmen buff, Bat Handler buff, and Hammer nerf, among others.


New 'Mods' Window that allows you to directly view, toggle, reorder, and visit the site of each mod
Increased available Formation Phase tiles around the rear character by 1
Added separate journal bookmark for Goals page
Crossbow reloading now shows a confirm/cancel prompt
Your currently equipped cannon's range is now always highlighted while moving in naval combat

Hammer accuracy penalty increased from -10% -> -15%
Rasmen's minimum Dodge when flanked bonus increased from 8% -> 12%
Increased Bat Handler's 'Summon Zoar' base range from 2 -> 3
'Summon Zoar' ranks now grant +5t to the Zoar per rank instead of increasing range
'Summon Zoar' max ranks increased from 3 -> 5
Enchanter's 'Siphon Enchant' now grants a +2 bonus but does not remove the enchantment
8-Finger Knuckle now also has -8% Accuracy
Swashbuckler's 'Mug' base morale duration increased from 50 -> 70
Krakenslayer's 'Static' base damage increased from 6 -> 8
'Defensive' and 'Meditative' XP costs reduced from 150 -> 120
'Pensive' XP cost reduced from 200 -> 150
Minibombs can no longer arc over characters (now behaves like a Dart instead of a Bow)
Reduced Minibomb base damage from 20 -> 18, and Fire Skill scaling from 1:1 -> 1:0.5
Adjusted starting positions of enemies in Tsavor's Dojo

Reduced delay of Aspect minion death effects
Changed Shield item 'power' icon to better convey that it affects attack damage instead of defense
Added dialog if player leaves port with duplicate ship weapons equipped
Added dialog if player leaves port with no ship weapons equipped, but they have some in cargo
Gatekeeper's 'Voidlight' tooltip now mentions that it also reduces Blind duration
Fixed 'Elemental Fury' duration being inconsistent for different types of enchantments
Fixed 'Jobs' dialog option missing at Guilds while having a partially completed royal quest
Fixed 'Melee Momentum' on enemies using the last player character's position to determine damage
Fixed certain rotated items on tables being mistakenly selected when clicking the tile above them
Fixed augments within armor applying their benefits when the armor is held in hand
Fixed using boat-style damage number icon for Move on non-boats
Fixed not being able to scroll up on Save/Load menu with controller
Fixed clicking on specific journal entry going to the wrong page if you had a lot of journal entries
Can now scroll through journal entries with controller

Mod loading crashes now specify which mod and what data type was loading when it crashed
Actor.aggressiveness now slightly affects AI positioning in combat
Added "crewxp" task that gives XP to all player crew
Added 'resetprocgen' command that resets all Groves and Monster Dens
Added AvAffecter properties "FXOnTargetTime", "FXOnTileTime", "FXOnHitTime", "FXOnMissTime"

Fixed crash on end of combat

Wednesday - June 24, 2020

Horizon's Gate - Review @ Nerdstash

by Hiddenx, 18:40

The Nerdstash has reviewed the tactical RPG Horizon's Gate:

Horizon’s Gate Review: Soothingly Sailing to Battle

Horizon’s Gate is a turn-based, tactical RPG in a fantasy setting. Players take the role of the commodore of a fleet of sailing ships on a quest to avenge the death of their crew. In the course of chasing revenge players explore the world, fight various monstrous and humanoid enemies, and conduct trade between the ports scattered across the map.


Final Verdict: Horizon’s Gate is a fantastic game to disappear into. The combination of charming aesthetics and a wide variety of deeply rewarding mechanics make for a soothing experience in which a player can get joyfully lost.

Score: 5/5

Tuesday - April 21, 2020

Horizon's Gate - Review @ RPG Codex

by Hiddenx, 21:58

The RPG Codex checked out Horizon's Gate:

RPG Codex Review: Horizon's Gate

[Review by CryptRat]

Released in 2015, Voidspire Tactics was a traditional CRPG inspired by games such as Ultima 7 and Final Fantasy Tactics. It allowed players to create their own party and explore a handcrafted, fully connected and highly interactive world, offering a deep character system with carefully designed tactical battles. For more details just read Jack Dandy's review. Using the same engine and taking a slightly different approach, 2017’s Alvora Tactics took place in an ever-changing, partially procedurally generated dungeon accessible from a central hub. It allowed players to recruit two party members in addition to the four player-created ones and included five new classes.

Returning to a handcrafted approach, Horizon's Gate takes place in the same universe as the previous games. It is a universe with its own lore, history and inhabitants, ranging from standard humans to the faceless rasmens who wear masks. The game puts you in command of a crew of sailors traveling around an inhabited continent and the surrounding region. The world contains multiple towns, dungeons and natural areas. There's no passage between locations other than by sea and the only way to travel from one location to another is with a ship.

After choosing your race, name and appearance in a disappointing character creation sequence where you only create one character instead of the four of the previous games, the game starts with an introduction and tutorial where your ship is sunk by pirates. After regaining consciousness on a beach you reach the pirates' cove and discover that the high admiral of Dominio, your own country, was responsible for the crime, for some political and likely evil purpose. Stealing a basic ship from the pirates and seeking revenge, you escape. You are joined by Reeve, a crew member of your sunken ship, ancient admiral and war heroine of Dominio. From there, everything is up to you. The game’s only objective is to assemble a fleet and crew so you can take your revenge and stop whatever the high admiral is up to.


I greatly enjoyed my time playing Horizon’s Gate, and if you enjoyed Voidspire Tactics or Alvora Tactics then there's little doubt that you will enjoy it as well. I can't say for sure whether you’ll enjoy the sailing, trading and questing part of the game, but at the very least they shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying it overall. The game shouldn’t be mistaken for what it's not. Sure, there are several nations you can work with and lots of towns, but if you're looking for a well-developed story or branching dialogue then you should look elsewhere. However, if you’re a fan of tactical combat and advanced party building then you’ll like it a lot (and the entire series for that matter). If you also enjoy freeform exploration and high levels of interactivity then you’ll love it.

Thursday - March 19, 2020

Horizon's Gate - Review @ TBL

by Hiddenx, 17:26

The TurnBasedLovers have reviewed Horizon's Gate:

Horizon’s Gate – Review

“Sailing takes me away to where I’ve always heard it could be” – Christopher Cross

Usually I don’t write reviews and this isn’t because I don’t like it, but because, in my opinion, it is a very demanding and challenging task (especially for me and my poor English…).
But, as you certainly know, in life there are always exceptions.
Sometime the release of certain games – games you are attracted to for some inexplicable reason – represent the perfect occasion to challenge yourself with a review.
Obviously the game we’re talking about is Horizon’s Gate, an indie release unknown to the majority of people but also a game with very intriguing premises.
Maybe some of you may remember an old game called Voidspire Tactics. It was released few years ago (2015, to be exact) by Rad Codex, a very small indie development team leaded by Sean Hayden, which, despite its simplistic pixe-graphic, was a hidden gem. The reasons? Simple: the game – a nostalgic tactical-RPG – had a very deep and strategic combat system combined with an original setting and some funny ideas. The result was a sleeper hit (if you missed Voidspire Tactics you can still recover it on Steam), a game perfect for nostalgic gamers like me.


It is hard to say something bad about Horizon’s Gate, partially because this is a game with many interesting features and really great ambitions, partially because behind it there is a lot of genuine passion! I really love Rad Codex, they are very talented but their game is not perfect.

At the moment, the game is funny, enjoyable and really entertaining, but not varied enough and that’s a pity because with some extra effort, more kind of quests and some REAL dungeon, Horizon’s Gate would have been a perfect score!

But not all hopes are lost! Rad Codex is famous to update their games and add content to them very often after the release. I have full confidence in them and I'll wait some new big contents during the next months to sail away again!


  • Finally a very big world to explore!
  • The combat system is top-notch, as always
  • An original setting


  • The story is nothing special
  • The exploration is not varied enough
  • Where are the REAL dungeons???

Score: 8/10

Thanks Andrea!

Sunday - March 15, 2020

Horizon's Gate - Gameplay

by Hiddenx, 09:23

BumpyMcSquigums checked out the beginning of Horizon's Gate:

Let's Play Horizon's Gate - Part 1 - Pirates!


Let's Play Horizon's Gate! It's been quite some time since I last played Voidspire Tactics, but I have fond memories of that game. It looks like it's more of the same with Horizon's Gate! It's a psuedo-sequel set in the same setting as Voidspire Tactics and Alvora Tactics. I'm all for it and it's made me realize I never really got much of a chance to play around with Alvora Tactics. Maybe this will be the return to the series and the spark that gets me back into it. It's off to a good start! :D

Tuesday - March 10, 2020

Horizon's Gate - Launched on Steam

by Myrthos, 14:05

The tactical RPG Horizon's Gate has been launched on Steam.

Voyage into the wide world of Eral as an explorer, trader, or privateer. Defeat your enemies on land or at sea in deep but straightforward tactical combat. Unravel the secrets behind Dominio's betrayal – or sail off in search of your own adventure.

  • Engage in deep but straightforward tactical combat on land or at sea
  • Explore the world in your ship, then disembark to explore dungeons with your crew
  • Create your crew from 8 playable races, unlock 34 classes, learn & upgrade 150+ abilities, and equip your choice of 100+ passive abilities
  • Build a devastating combat fleet of Ice Reavers and Sea Serpents – or sail past trouble with a small but swift fleet
  • Serve under one of three factions, amass wealth as a trader, or become a reviled pirate
  • Abilities are good for more than just combat – freeze a river to cross it, or grow seeds into vines to scale mountains!
  • Unique fantasy setting – not one elf, orc or goblin in sight
  • Built using the same engine, mechanics, and setting as the highly-rated Voidspire Tactics and Alvora Tactics (however, knowledge of those games is NOT required for Horizon's Gate!)


Thanks Matt.

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