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Box Art

Wednesday - March 13, 2019

Knights of the Chalice II - Kickstarter Trailer

by Silver, 05:58

A trailer on the eve of the Kickstarter for Knights of the Chalice 2: The Dark Arena.


See and

This is the main Kickstarter trailer for Knights of the Chalice 2 (KotC 2), a party-based RPG with turn-based combat and hand-drawn 2D graphics.

In KotC 2: Augury of Chaos, your heroic party confronts a group of evil fanatics allied with various demons and fiendish dragons. Blast your enemies with more than 700 spells, bull rush them into spike pits, trick them with your superior guile, or crush them with your enchanted greatsword! See them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women, as your valiant party progresses all the way from level 1 to level 21. KotC 2 uses the OGL 3.5, the ruleset at the root of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5.

Monday - March 11, 2019

Knights of the Chalice II - Pre-Kickstarter Interview

by Silver, 18:26

Pierre Begue was interviewed by RPG Codex about Knights of the Chalice 2.

2) Taking a look at the KotC2 FAQ and seeing the sheer number of classes, feats and spells listed, it's obvious the game is significantly more complex than KotC1. Great complexity usually goes hand in hand with a propensity for bugs. How do you tackle this challenge? Do you have any plans for an extended beta period, perhaps within the Steam Early Access framework after the Kickstarter is done?

Yes, it's true that complexity goes hand in hand with bugs. But I've already spent a long time fixing bugs in KotC 2, based on the principle that 'I fix it as soon as I see it'. So I think that the game is quite stable now. I expect that most of the remaining bugs will be associated with spells and psionic powers that I've not been able to test sufficiently so far. I'll fix all the remaining bugs once I get bug reports after the end of the Kickstarter campaign. After that, we can have a proper launch of KotC 2 Augury of Chaos on Steam. Steam Early Access is probably not needed in this case.

3) Unlike KotC1 the new game will feature skills, including social skills, a substantial amount of them actually. How important are those skills gameplay-wise? Where do they find application?

Skills are important as they give you access to more dialogue options. These extra dialogue options often grant benefits to the player's party. For example, with the [Nature] skill, you may be able to identify monster tracks, allowing the party to avoid being surprised when the monsters attack. You may also be able to collect herbs that allow the party members to recover Hit Points or their daily spells and psionic powers. With the [Mantis Light Sleep] skill, you may avoid a surprise attack taking place when the party is resting. At one point in the game, a Coven of Witches demands some blood from the party. Gameplay-wise, it means losing some Hit Points permanently. But if you have the [Bard Perform] skill, you can use it to avoid losing Hit Points. The party will not get blocked if it lacks any particular skill, but having more skills may make the experience more enjoyable.


Monday - February 11, 2019

Knights of the Chalice II - Pre-Kickstarter Update

by Silver, 17:11

A new pre-Kickstarter update for Knights of the Chalice 2: Augury of Chaos.

Pre-KS Update

by BlueSalamander » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:17 pm

Greetings, RPG lovers!

tokens with oddly hued shapesHere are the latest news about Knights of the Chalice 2. This should be the last update before Kickstarter! Post-KS, I will probably create two new forum sections, one dedicated to KotC 2: Augury of Chaos (bug reports, suggestions and tips) and one for KotC 2 Module Creators (help and ideas).

In the last few days, I created new web pages for the game. The new pages include the following: KotC 2 Screenshots, KotC 2 Features, KotC 2 F.A.Q., and KotC 2 About Us. Be sure to check them out!

I also created a Twitter profile and Facebook page and I updated my Youtube channel. Would be very cool to have more 'Likes' and 'Follows'!

In addition, I completed the Kickstarter new-project registration procedure. But I still need to create the KS video and fill up the KS page with information, graphics, reward slots and stretch goals.

tokens in your bowelI've added links to the Kickstarter page, Youtube channel, Twitter profile and Facebook page in the website's menus, as well as 'Recommend' and 'Share' buttons on the web pages for KotC 2 Features, KotC 2 Screenshots, KotC 1 Features and KotC 1 Screenshots.

I also created the Windows installer for KotC 2: Augury of Chaos. The file is around 700 MB.

Work on the game was completed around 27 January. It wasn't an easy task, especially as my dad passed away in December at the age of 75. :cry:

Apart from module testing and tweaking, encounter improvement and debugging, the things I focused on included the following:

* Temporary companions: A non-player character may join your party for a limited time. Such companions appear and act just like a party member, but the party-size limit does not apply to them. Also, you cannot un-equip their equipped items, or give them new items.

* Spell scroll highlighting: The Inventory Screen of each character now highlights whether a spell scroll may be learned by the character, or is already known by the character. This is done using small 'Known' and 'Learn' tags.

* Destructible objects in combat: Combat encounters can now include objects that must be destroyed by the player's party in order to complete the encounter. Objects can be non-magical, such as a gate or barrier of some kind, or they may be magical, such as an energy orb, a magic mirror, a mystical crystal, an enchanted statue or a monolith that heals the enemy every round or inflicts damage to the party each round until destroyed. Maybe the object serves as the phylactery of a Lich that cannot be hurt until the object is destroyed.token wrapping paper

* Timed riddles: The party may be given a certain amount of real time, such as one minute, to answer correctly as many riddles as possible.

* Fighters joining a combat in progress: When new combat participants join an ongoing battle, they all roll for initiative and join the initiative list according to their initiative roll. Previously, new combatants were added at the top of the list, giving them an unfair advantage.

* When potions and consumable items are used, they are no longer subject to the concentration checks that apply to normal spells and spell-like abilities.

* In the Artificial Intelligence page of the Creature Editor, I added new buttons to turn on and turn off automatic spells for the reviewed creature easily. Automatic spells are spells like Mage Armour and Mirror Image, which have a full-day duration and may be cast out of combat. High-level casters have numerous automatic-spell options.

* In the editor, mousing over a creature and pushing G now opens the 'Monster Groups' screen and highlights the group of the moused-over creature, allowing the module creator to select all creatures in the considered group easily.

* In the editor, when several creatures are selected, Alt + click on a creature allows the module creator to equip all of the selected creatures in one go. The Inventory Screen is displayed and any items that you equip the creature with are also equipped in the Inventory Screen of the other selected creatures.

Of course, I have plenty of ideas for improving the game further. I have ideas for new items and new feats; I will talk about these during the Kickstarter. I also want to implement New Feat suggestions, meaning that a few recommended Feats will be highlighted whenever a character levels up.

token city?I'm not forgetting Steam, of course, for both KotC 2 and KotC 1. But for now I need to focus on the Kickstarter page, create videos and do some interviews with video-game news websites (if possible).

I've already posted many new screenshots in the KotC 2 Screenshots page, so there's no need to add a lot of new screenshots here. Still, here are a few extra screenshots just for you! Please click on a picture to enlarge it.

I expect that I'll be writing an email to all the KotC customers and forum users about 48 hours before the Kickstarter, so that we can have a good start. That's a nice thing about selling directly on one's website: you can contact the customer base. If all my customers were on Steam, I would have more of them of course, but I wouldn't be able to contact them. Yesterday, I installed new mailing-list software to allow me to send emails to many recipients.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to post comments! Till next time! :)

Saturday - November 24, 2018

Knights of the Chalice II - November Update

by Silver, 20:26

The November update for Knights of the Chalice 2.

November 2018 Update

by BlueSalamander » Thu Nov 22, 2018 7:06 am

Here is a small update on the development of Knights of the Chalice 2. Well, I'm still working on content production. I need to save time, so I will just make a few comments and provide eight screenshots (please see below and click on a picture to enlarge it).

The first module, Augury of Chaos, now has three recruitable companions. I'm testing and fixing their dialogues now. After that, I've got to continue adding encounters to the High Sewers map.

Before joining the party, one of the recruitable companions will ask several questions about the party's goals and desires, and that companion's reaction will depend on the selected answers. I think that dialogues designed like a personality quiz can be very entertaining. The NPC does not need to reply to each specific answer, but each answer affects one or several scores that reflect your personality.

Maphistor, a tough demon that appeared in KotC 1, is back! It is optional content. If he appears, you can either ignore him, fight him or ally with him (and receive an artifact).

In the Creature Editor, I've added new buttons that allow you to create (and level-up) a new creature or companion using the same interface that you use when you start the game or level-up characters in-game. When you use this interface to create an NPC, you are limited to the Player-Character races and subraces.

As an additional KS stretch goal, I've thought about a new arcane caster class, possibly called Arcanist, who will get free metamagic feats at level 1 and zero spell-level cost for using all metamagic feats. All his spells can be maximised or empowered or widened for free. But he will have fewer daily spell slots than the Wizard, probably 3/3/2/2/2/2/2 by level 20, not including bonus spell slots from having a high Charisma.

That's it for now! January 2019 will be upon us in a flash, so I'm doing my best to complete the prologue adventure before doing anything else. Thank you for reading!

Thanks Chris!

Friday - October 26, 2018

Knights of the Chalice II - October Update

by Silver, 08:52

The October update for Knights of the Chalice 2. Screenshots at the link.

Hello everyone, here is a new update on the development of Knights of the Chalice 2, as it's been a while since the last update. I am also posting the latest screenshots below (please click on a picture to enlarge it).

First of all, development is on track. However, I have had to spend a lot of time fixing combat bugs. Here is a good example:

1) Ghorda the Samurai uses her Whirlwind Attack against a Scarlet Frog and other enemies. (Scarlet Frogs are Giant Frogs with several abilities, including Swallow Whole and Death Throes Fire Damage.)
2) The Whirlwind Attack kills the Scarlet Frog. (Whirlwind Attack allows you to conduct one melee attack against all enemies within melee range.)
3) The Scarlet Frog activates its Fire Death Throes ability. (The Death Throes ability is an explosion that is automatically triggered when a monster is killed.)
4) The Fire Death Throes triggers a Fire effect on existing Web squares. (The Web spell creates sticky strands that prevent movement; these strands can be set on fire by any fire effect.)
5) The game applies fire damage due to the burning web to all characters in the area of the Web - this is normal game behaviour.
6) Following this interruption, the game forgets to remove the dead Scarlet Frog from the battlefield - this is a bug.
7) The game forgets to finish applying the Death Throes damage to characters within range of the Death Throes explosion - this is a bug.
8) The game forgets to give Ghorda her remaining Whirlwind Attacks against the other enemies within melee range of Ghorda - this is a bug.

Not to worry though, I have fixed it already. How? By recording in a special place the list of opponents that you are using your Whirlwind Attack against, and then recovering that list once every effect (Death Throes and burning webs) has taken place.

It's always my priority to fix bugs before I add new content. So far, there's enough content for a party of five characters to reach level 7. There is one recruitable companion.

There are two places where the party is split up temporarily. When this happens, the player chooses one or two characters who go forward without the rest of the party. Each of the two sub-groups may then face battle encounters without help from characters in the other sub-group.

There are various reasons for why a party has to split up. Maybe there is a ladder to climb and the ladder can support the weight of two people only. Or maybe you can dive and follow a narrow underwater passage and there will be enemies who attack as soon as they see the first few characters arrive, not giving enough time for the party to regroup.

Concerning puzzles and riddles, I am now providing a [Hints] dialogue option. This is because I don't want players to get blocked by such obstacles. I also don't want players to miss optional content or rewards just because of a puzzle or riddle that may not be as straightforward as I thought initially.

Most recently, I've been working on an unusual encounter. Depending on player choice, there can be more than 50 combatants. As a result, I have had to create an accelerated-AI mode designed specifically for that kind of battle. That mode is switched on by a script command. Having the AI review each combatant thoroughly is fine for small battles but it slows the game down too much when there are many combatants.

Also I did some work to accelerate the loading of saved games. Now it's quite fast. Totally not like CRPGs where you have to wait for a minute or more to load a game, I hate that.

A part of all loading time comes from loading the background image. To address this, KotC 2 keeps the last few background images in memory. That way, if you reload or if the party moves back and forth between two maps, the game does not need to reload the required background image constantly, because it is already in the memory.

I would like to do a Screenshots webpage and a Features webpage in coming days. Probably, I will use the same screenshots as above and below.

The prologue adventure, Augury of Chaos, will include four main maps: the Chapel of Chaos, Low Sewers, High Sewers, and Castle Gleegold. It will also include several tiny maps: the Water Shrine, the Oubliette and the Fire Shrine Special Level. I've already completed the Chapel of Chaos and the three tiny maps. In the Low Sewers, I need to add about three encounters and it's finished. After that, I will work on the High Sewers map. Initially, I was thinking to also have the village map and the regional map in the Prologue Adventure, but I will not have enough time for them so I'm cutting them out of this module for now.

In any case, I'm going to need a bit more time for content production. I would really like to add some more content to the prologue adventure before the launch on Kickstarter and Steam. So the KS is likely to be in December rather than November.

My sincere apologies for the delay. Really, it's the nature of game development. It can be very unpredictable. You find a new bug and then you have to spend a whole day identifying it and fixing it, because it would make the game look so bad if you did not fix it. And then the next day you find another bug. Things like that.

But you can rest assured that the game is very enjoyable! Most of the combat encounters are very tough. More so than in KotC 1, you need to strategise every aspect of the game, including your battle tactics, your dialogue choices, what you spend your gold on, the way you develop your characters when you select feats and spells for them, and how and when you use your magic scrolls and consumable items.

Thank you for reading and feel free to post comments! Until next time!

Thanks chris!

Wednesday - August 29, 2018

Knights of the Chalice II - August Update

by Hiddenx, 20:44

Knights of the Chalice II is nearly feature complete, a Kickstarter campaign is expected in November:

August 2018 Update, the Light at the End of the Dungeon?

Hello everyone, here is the promised August update on the development of Knights of the Chalice 2.

I call this update the 'Light at the End of the Dungeon' because it's the first time that the game is virtually feature complete! And that is a great relief to me. First, let's review the main things that were added since the last update. Secondly, we will have a look at some Necromancer Class design ideas. The Necromancer and Summoner are two possible Kickstarter Stretch Goals for the KotC 2 Kickstarter expected in November 2018. Thirdly, we will have an in-depth look at the beginning of the prologue adventure, called Augury of Chaos. I expect that it will be too big to be a free demo, particularly if it comes with the Module Editor. It will be a good stand-alone prologue adventure. Warning: if you want to avoid spoilers, then you should not read the content of the dialogue screens posted below. Finally, we will talk a little bit about what's next.

Wednesday - July 18, 2018

Knights of the Chalice II - July Update

by Silver, 09:17

The July update for Knights of the Chalice II has plenty of screenshots so check them out.

Hello everyone, here is the July update on the development of Knights of the Chalice 2.

In the past weeks, there were many additions and improvements to the game.

* It's been a while since I posted gameplay screenshots, so here are a bunch of them. Click on a picture to enlarge it:


* Graphics: I have completed the transfer of many art pieces from KotC 1 to KotC 2, greatly expanding the number of available monster tokens in KotC 2. Even though they are not high resolution, KotC 1 sprites actually make fine supplementary tokens and portraits for KotC 2.

* Help entries: I'm very happy to say that that work is 100% complete. As well as information on controls and shortcut keys, the help covers all of the topics found on the website. But the in-game help is more in-depth and more exhaustive and everything is interconnected with hyperlinks. You can right-click almost anything in the character-sheet screens, character-creation screens and level-up screens to obtain specific information about what you clicked on.

* New adventure map: I've worked on a nice castle map that will have an important role in the demo. See the following map-editor images. Click to enlarge. The castle is called Gleegold Keep. I'm also including an image showing what the editor looks like when adding walls, special squares, altitudes and activable zones.


* Regional map: I've created a regional map, click on the image above to enlarge it. Locations where the party can travel to will be highlighted with a blue glow (or red glow when mousing over them). These locations will appear progressively on the map, as you learn about them in-game. Currently, the background image is a scaled-up version of a small part of my world map. The icon in the bottom-right corner of the regional map is intended to bring up the world map, in case the party needs to travel to another region. The locations / points of interest can be added easily using the editor.

* Soundtracks: I'm happy to say that I've finished adjusting the volume of the 50 soundtracks available in the game. Volumes needed to be adjusted so that one song is not much louder or much quieter than other songs. The KotC 2 soundtracks include new tracks from Manuel, new tracks from Tyson, all the tracks from my past games, plus a small number of ambient/nature tracks. Manuel and Tyson recently contributed new tracks.

* Bardic sound effects: I now have the complete set of bardic music clips from Robert. There will be four musical instrument categories: lute, harp, panflute and bagpipes, each resulting in different sound effects when the party's Bard plays a song. I also have item icons for all four categories. Now I just have to make sure that the bard can equip musical instruments and implement the four sound-effect sets in the game. Robert is also planning to do a Tavern soundtrack.

* Voice effects: I've just started processing the voice effects from voice actress Ariana. First I need to process them and prepare them for the game. Then I need to implement them so that they play at the right times in-game. For example, a random acknowledgement sound will be played when the player clicks to have the party move from point A to point B. Voice effects may also be played through scripts.

* Editor upgrade: I recently completed a massive upgrade of the module and map editor. Now the map editor is like an easy-to-use dungeon painting programme. It can be used to place braziers and pit traps inflicting any of the various energy types. It can also be used to place many adventure-map graphical elements, big and small, easily onto the map. You can place things like pillars, random forests, random barrels, interactive elements such as a lever, and many other things. For example, when you place a random forest, the editor picks one forest image out of a bunch of forest images that were created earlier by Roman, the graphic artist. Once placed, you can move the new forest, delete it or duplicate it.

In addition, the colourful animated butterflies, animated flies and animated bugs from KotC 1 are back. And there will be spatialised sounds for things like torch lights, flies, fountains, damp places, jungle areas, windy corridors and church choirs. Click on the image below to see the editor's fully-expanded menu. I'm also including an image of the Select Saved Game screen.


* Website update: I've recently added a chart of the weapon proficiencies of each class. Click the link and scroll down to see the chart.

* Public domain images: I'll probably use some images from as story images, since the site has so many good pictures. See below:


* New module planned: I've been conducting talks with Tiavals concerning a Middle East-themed module or campaign that he is planning to create, in partnership, using the tools of KotC 2.

* Combat scripts: I have implemented a small number of script commands used to control enemies during combat.

The most important one is 'Tactics cast spell', the command used to cast a spell or manifest a psionic power. If a combat script contains several 'Tactics cast spell' commands, then the AI will try to cast each spell in the script sequentially, for example it will cast Haste in the first round of combat and Fireball in the second round. As well as the name of the spell, a few more things can be specified, such as a metamagic option, a target square or a target allied creature. You can also specify 'Breath Weapon' instead of a spell name, if you want the creature to use its breath weapon on a particular round. You also use this command to let a creature drink a potion or use a magic item.

Next, we have 'Tactics always cast'. This command is used when you want a spellcaster to make sure that someone always benefits from a particular effect. For example, a Cleric might want to cast Death Ward on an allied dragon any time the dragon loses the Death Ward effect. The same thing can be done with Stoneskin, Haste, etc.

Next, we have 'Tactics do not move'. This command is used when enemies should not move for a number of rounds because someone in the group is planning to launch at a particular location an area spell, such as Web, Silence or Darkness.

Next, we have 'Tactics run away'. This command allows the module creator to let a creature run away from combat when between 10% and 90% of its allies have been defeated and/or when a particular creature has been defeated.

Finally, we have 'If combat round number is equal to / above / or below a particular number'. There are two main uses. Firstly, an alarm may be triggered if combat is taking too long. As in KotC 1, this means that all enemies on the map will be ready for the player, so you cannot surprise them. There may also be more enemy groups and enemy patrols. The second use is when you want to have reinforcements join the battle, for example at the beginning of the third round and sixth round of combat. So you check for the combat round number and then you add monsters to the battle.

* What's next: First I need to complete work on voice effects. Then I need to implement equipped musical instruments and Bardic clips. Then I need to implement all the remaining wondrous/magic items that I've been planning to have in the game for a long looong time. I'm also planning to give more feats to a number of classes (as discussed in this forum thread). I also need to complete work on the spells that can be cast automatically after resting. There is also some work needed on certain script commands that I want to improve. For example, there's a script command to add dialogue answers, but I want that command to allow specifying the text colour and whether the answer can be selected by the player. That way, we can have the game display options that are not available to the party because it requires a certain Skill. Then there's some extra work needed on combat spellcasting AI. I also want to review all my notes to see if there's something important I forgot about.

Basically, the above is what I'd like to finish before focusing only on the demo adventure. In the demo, I'm planning to use high experience-point awards so that the party gains levels quickly, just like in the demo of KotC 1. It will feature a number of locations, a good number of combat encounters and several interesting riddles and puzzles, such as a piano riddle for which I recently collected piano sounds and created the following image. Traditionally, each piano key is marked with a letter, so you have to find a sequence of letters somewhere and then play the associated melody on a piano to solve the riddle and unlock something.


Thank you for reading! Comments are welcome. Farewell and stay tuned for the August update!

Tuesday - May 08, 2018

KotC II - Kickstarter possibly this November

by Silver, 13:28

On the Knights of the Chalice 2 forums an update by the developer announces that he is thinking of launching a Kickstarter for the game November this year.

Hello everyone, thank you so much for your support. When I read about how interested people are in KotC 2, it inspires me to make a really great game!

Time flies. I might launch the Kickstarter in November this year. It depends on how fast I can finish the AI and make a nice polished demo.

I've already worked on AI for around 5 weeks nonstop and I expect that it will require an additional two or three months. It takes a lot of time to do the required testing and fix bugs and make sure that the AI plays well in all situations.

Take care and stay tuned!

Wednesday - March 09, 2016

Knights of the Chalice II - Early Gameplay Video

by Hiddenx, 21:56

Heroic Fantasy Games released an early gameplay video for KotC 2:


Knights of the Chalice 2 (KotC 2) is the sequel to KotC, a 2D CRPG based on the OGL 3.5, the set of rules at the root of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5. With this early work-in-progress video, you'll get a good idea of the game interface and game speed, and you'll take a look at the character sheet, inventory sheet, loot screen and above all... the pyrotechnics of a Fireball spell!!
More information:

Time stamp for fireball animation:

More information about KotC 2:

Character classes in KotC 2:
Death Knight:
Mage Knight:
Psychic Healer:
Psychic Warrior:
Storm Warrior:

Player-character races in KotC 2:

Player-character sub-races:

Most soundtracks composed by Manuel Marino:

Tuesday - July 21, 2015

Knights of the Chalice II - Development Update

by Hiddenx, 07:20

Blue Salamander (HeroicFantasyGames) has posted a public development update on Knights of the Chalice II:

Combat Engine, New Subraces, New Classes, New Class Features

Hello, turn-based RPG fans!

Between questions of health, nutrition, sports and a fridge breaking down on me, in the last few days my attention has constantly been diverted away from the good stuff, which is KotC 2 development.

Nevertheless, here is the promised update with lots of new screenshots and new design pages for your consumption.

Regarding combat, as I mentioned recently, I have finally implemented the most basic actions: moving in combat, taking a five-foot step, ending one's turn, delaying, standard attack, full attack, charge attack and attack of opportunity.

My plan is to continue implementing combat actions one by one, fixing bugs as I go. Today, while preparing this update, I harvested a good number of fresh bugs that I will have to correct first.

After that, I will focus on ranged attacks, opening the inventory in combat, grapple, bull rush, the other combat manoeuvers, the basic spells, ready versus spell, ready to counterspell, using a magic item in combat, using a class or racial power in combat, and using a spell-like ability. Spells, their interface and their graphical implementation will of course be a big part of the job. Afterwards comes the artificial intelligence. [...]

New Subraces, new Classes, Skills

Now let's talk a bit about design stuff. I've been thinking that it would not be too hard to create subraces, so I created the design for a whole lot of them, as well as the new Half-Salamander race. You can read about subraces and races in the associated web pages. The Subrace page is brand new. It also provides class recommendations for each subrace.

I have also been designing eight new classes. Most of them are hybrid classes - I did not want to create new spell books or spell systems.

A proper class illustration will be created for each new class. On that subject, I have finally uploaded to the web pages the new class illustrations from the graphic designer Roman. The illustrations include a brand new one for the Ranger, as Roman wanted to create a picture of a higher quality than the previous one.

The new classes are the following (click on the class name to open the corresponding Class web page):

Samurai - a high-BAB combatant, master of the single-sword style
Gladiator - a high-BAB combatant with blinding strike and wide weapon knowledge
Bishop - a medium-BAB cleric benefiting from additional domain powers
Warlock - a low-BAB wizard who can also use psionic powers
Psychic Healer - a low-BAB psionicist who can also use cleric spells
Champion - a high-BAB combatant who has access to cleric spells
Mage Knight - a high-BAB combatant who has access to wizard spells
Storm Warrior - a high-BAB combatant who has access to druid spells


Thursday - August 28, 2014

Knights of the Chalice II - Development Update

by Couchpotato, 23:35

We can thank the Codex for the following information about a new development update for Knights of the Chalice II. As you need to be a buyer just to access the forums.

You may notice the new ‘Respec’ tab. It is used to change the feat selection, spell selection and psionic power selection that the character received at his last level-up (or when he was created). That way, if you find that a certain feat is not helping your character, you can change the feat selection after levelling-up, without restoring a saved game. Currently, only the selection from the last level can be changed.

You may also notice that I switched the gear/equipment page from being a tab within the character sheet to being a separate window. The reason for this is that the equipment page is too big to be a tab in the character sheet. So, to open the equipment page from the character sheet, I’ve added an “inventory” button in the bottom-left corner.

In the inventory page (see below), you may notice in the bottom-right corner a box for “party items and store items”. When you trade with an NPC, items on sale will appear in that box and the price of each available item will be displayed when mousing over it. When you are not trading, the box will instead be filled with all of the items that the other party members have in their backpack.

This may answer the requests I have heard a couple of times for a “common” inventory page which would comprise all of the items from all of the party characters. So if you have two fighters and the 2nd fighter has a sword in his inventory that the 1st character needs to use, you can just click on the sword in the “party items” box and that sword will be moved automatically from the 2nd character’s backpack to the 1st character’s backpack.

The rest of the inventory screen should be straightforward for anyone who has played KotC 1 as the layout is the same. The space below “backpack items” is for bag items. It is displayed only when you click on a bag or any other container that the character can carry. You cannot move a container into a container.

Monday - September 16, 2013

Knights of the Chalice II - Development Update

by Couchpotato, 01:37

Heroic Fantasy Games has a new development update for Knights of the Chalice II.

Hi, in this update I will talk a bit about spells.

In terms of the share of development work, spells are one of the biggest chunks for both KotC and KotC 2.

Since the game will have an integrated module editor, there will be a spell editor.

I will use the spell editor to create the database of all the spells described in the website.

Later on, players might use it to create an additional spell or two for their modules, or to modify an existing spell.

In the following screenshots you can see the spell properties for the spell Protection from Arrows. By the way, I'm thinking that this spell should only provide DR 5, not DR 10.

As you can see this is the only spell in the database so far, so I'm going to have to spend a lot of time just to add the spells. Meanwhile I'm also going to develop the other editors - for items, weapons/armour, creatures, scripts and finally maps.

I need to have all the editors ready before I can work on combat, the game's interface and AI.

And now here is the picture for the Cleric. I hope you'll like it!

FWE/KotC 2 is now my only project so things will go a bit quicker, hopefully.

Source: RPG Codex

Tuesday - November 22, 2011

Fantasy World Engine - Races

by Skavenhorde, 12:23

Since the newsbit on KOTC 2 got a bit of attention and to make up my blunder in posting a two year old "update" on KOTC2 yesterday, I'm going to highlight some of the features in Fantasy World Engine aka KOTC 2. This information is nothing you couldn't find by going to the homepage, but KOTC was a great game and the sequel deserves to get some extra attention.

First up are the player races. In KOTC you had three to choose from, but for this one there are now nine different races. Your choices are human, dwarf, elf, halfling, kobold, half-giant, centaur, drake and mantis. Each comes with different strengths and weaknesses. Here are two charts showing the differences between the races.

The first chart shows the ability-score ranges for each race:

Races Ability Score Ranges


This chart shows details the ability score total (the maximum total you could roll for that race particular race), speed, size, natural attacks and special abilities:

Races Details

There is quite a lot of information to digest for this game so we're going to do this in bite-size chunks. Tomorrow I'll highlight another aspect from the game.

I'm also going through the updates as well to piece together everything that isn't known from the front page. There is quite a lot he's doing with the game and it's looking like he is going for roguelike complexity in this one.

Information about

Knights of the Chalice II

Developer: Heroic Fantasy Games

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: 10-20 hours

Regions & platforms
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· Platform: PC
· To be announced
· Publisher: Heroic Fantasy Games