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Wednesday - August 28, 2019

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Some Reviews

by Hiddenx, 20:35

Farflame spotted some reviews for the space sim Rebel Galaxy Outlaw:


Tuesday - August 13, 2019

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Released

by Hiddenx, 19:12

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has been released on the Epic Game Store:

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Getting started:


Wednesday - July 24, 2019

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Interview @ GameSkinny

by Myrthos, 10:48

GameSkinny talks to Travis Baldree about the upcoming (Epic exclusive) release of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, the current status and development process.

GS: Is Outlaw going to be as procedurally generated as the first one?

TB: No, it’s all hand-built this time out. There’s a certain amount of procedural space-filling, but everybody shares the same seed.

The previous one was fully randomized. Everybody had different solar systems and planets and whatever. I regretted that after the fact. I thought it made everything feel purposeless, and the randomization didn’t contribute anything to replayability like it would in something like an action-RPG. It just made everything feel soupy. So we jettisoned that completely.

While we do use procedural stuff to fill in the intervening spaces, it’s kind of like how you would say in a game that, oh, there’s a forest here. Please procedurally place trees for me. You don’t have to hand-place every tree, I just want a forest over here. Because there’s so much space, that’s the only way to populate it that makes any sense.

But in Outlaw, this planet, say, will always be in this location, it will always have this bartender, it will always have this bar. These landmarks are where they are, and anyone playing the game can reference them to anyone else and they will always be in the same place.


GS: I’m actually surprised by how much you’re iterating on Rebel Galaxy here, moreso than you usually see out of a sequel.

TB: There’s definitely a lot of taking ideas, throwing out what didn’t work, and improving and adding where we think it would’ve benefited. Some of it is just things we would have liked to have done before and simply didn’t have the time. We certainly applied every lesson we learned from the last game, everything from pacing and how equipment is handled and leveled, and how the world progresses.

Rebel Galaxy, I think, had a very saggy middle. A lot of that was that we were making this transition. Eric [Schaefer] and I have been making action-RPGs forever, and they’re very leveled games, right? There’s just this long power curve from one end to the other. There’s this constant bing-bing-bing of getting the next thing along the curve, with little spikes and valleys as you go.

Applying that to a space game, you have Level 1 lasers, Level 2 lasers… all of that honestly just feels tedious. The power curve just is not as important.

As a result of that, because of that power curve, we have this long period in the middle of Rebel Galaxy where you’re just trying to effectively “level up,” and it ends up being grindier than it should be.

The battles also have to scale to take that leveling into account, so they get denser and denser, and more and more time-consuming, to engage in over the course of the game. Instead of the pace accelerating, it slows.

One of the nice things about a fighter game is that the scale of your ship doesn’t change that much. You can keep those engagements, and the amount of time you have to spend in them, more constrained. As long as the moment-to-moment gameplay is enjoyable and interesting things are happening, it doesn’t matter. The leveling is not as important.

We certainly still have things where you spend more money and get better stuff, and we want you to have better stuff, but we want all that stuff to be more singular. You may get this gun, and it’s cool, but you don’t get it and then the Level 2 and 3 versions of it. It is what it is, and when you get it, it’s great. Maybe it has a different utility based on circumstance or whatever, but the mindset is very different.

Friday - July 19, 2019

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Release Date Trailer

by Silver, 01:02

The release date trailer for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.


August 13th, 2019 - That's what you wanted to know, right?

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Tuesday - July 16, 2019

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Interview about Player Choice

by Silver, 21:26

OnlySP interviewed the developers of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw about player choice.

OnlySP: There are currently seven radio stations in the game with over 21 hours of content, are there any plans to add more stations/songs or the option for players to create a custom playlist from the existing songs?

Baldree: You can create both a mixtape channel, as well as context-sensitive dynamic soundtrack for when the radio is turned off. We’re considering adding some more songs after release, but the soundtrack is already pretty hefty!

OnlySP: There is a large amount of complexity to the piloting as players will be moving around a 3D space, often in combat. How accessible is the game for players who may not have played a space or flight simulator before?

Baldree: It’s historically a big problem for accessibility. Our solution is the Autopursuit trigger (or button, if you’re on a mouse). Holding it down assists you in tracking your target and managing your throttle, while still allowing you to fly. Think of it like tethering yourself to a target. We think it makes the game a lot more fun, and a lot more approachableOnlySP: There are currently seven radio stations in the game with over 21 hours of content, are there any plans to add more stations/songs or the option for players to create a custom playlist from the existing songs?


Thanks Farflame!

Wednesday - January 02, 2019

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Preview @L Plays Gaming

by Silver, 11:40

L Plays Gaming previewed Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and asks if its the space game we have been waiting for.


Thursday - October 25, 2018

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Interview @TechRaptor

by Silver, 20:57

@TechRaptor An interview with Erich Schaefer about Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.


One of the first questions that came to mind was what exactly caused Mr. Schaefer to delve into a wildly different genre than he had worked with before. With titles like DiabloHellgate: London, and Torchlight to his name, it’s safe to say that Rebel Galaxy and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw are certainly a departure from form. “In a sense, I thought going into Rebel Galaxy we were kind of just making Space Diablo,” he said. “I think of all of my games as just [laughs] a version of Diablo.” Erich proceeded to tell me about Starblo, a sci-fi Diablo-style game that some people at Blizzard had been working on prior to the departure of Erich Schafer and others.


If the devs decide not to make DLC, the fans might be able to do it. “We are gonna have much better mod support this time. It should be pretty easy for players to make their own ships, their own missions, their own style of games.” Erich related a tale to me where his co-founder Travis Baldtree had recreated the entirety of Wing Commander: Privateer in the game’s engine. While their Star Wars pitch never got off the ground, fans will surely take it upon themselves to make something like that happen anyway. Personally, I’m more interested to see what kind of original stuff people can come up with.

Wednesday - October 10, 2018

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Interview

by Silver, 10:19

Double Damage was interviewed by Gamingbolt about Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and outlined the major changes, story details, player choices, and more.

What had first made you decide to create a prequel to Rebel Galaxy?

The first Rebel Galaxy was more of just an experiment for how to make a space game. We learned so much, technically, but probably more creatively. We knew we could address the problems of the first game, mostly the repetition and grindy-ness, but also wanted to go further creatively. We wanted to push character and grit further, and thought an earlier setting would creatively make sense, less high tech and more lawlessness.

What are some of the major changes and improvements that this game brings?

The biggest change was the switch to cockpit-oriented dog-fight style flight and combat, versus the naval-style combat of the first game. I’d say we’ve improved on the original in just about every way. Some specifics are a deeper, more character driven story, less repetition of content, better UI and cool mini-games.


Monday - September 17, 2018

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Drifting & Sublight

by Silver, 11:45

A new video for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw shows off drifting and sublight.


Two of the most requested features we heard about after announcing RGO were the ability to fast-travel in-world from place to place, similar to the original Rebel Galaxy, and a damping cut so that you could choose to maneuver independent of your heading. So, hey presto! Here they are.

Tuesday - September 11, 2018

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Hour Long Gameplay

by Silver, 07:25

Rock Paper Shotgun played an hour of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

Ever since its announcement last week, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has been one of my most wanted games, dead or alive. Prequel to the grungy space-trucker sim Rebel Galaxy, Outlaw is more about fighter-scale dogfights, piracy and cockpits full of glowing lights and buttons. After watching an hour of it played and explained by Double Damage dev Travis Baldree I’m even more excited. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a couple fingers and see why I reckon this is the second coming of Wing Commander: Privateer.



Thanks Farflame!

Thursday - September 06, 2018

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - First Gameplay Trailer

by Silver, 01:29

@IGN The first gameplay trailer for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.


Get your first look at gameplay from the swashbuckling space-combat/adventure prequel.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Reveal Trailer:

Rebel Galaxy Review:

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