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Friday - November 26, 2021
Tuesday - October 05, 2021
Sunday - September 19, 2021
Friday - September 17, 2021
Sunday - July 11, 2021
Box Art

Friday - November 26, 2021

Tails of Iron - Review @ Discussing Games

by Hiddenx, 21:15

Discussing Games checked out Tales of Iron:

Tails of Iron Review


In this video I review Tails of Iron, a 2D, hand drawn side scrolling RPG from developers Odd Bug. Inspired by the souls-like genre it features difficult combat and an expansive world to explore. I discuss the story, gameplay and design choices and consider whether you should jump in and give the game a go.

Tuesday - October 05, 2021

Tails of Iron - Review @ Daniel Gray

by Hiddenx, 16:37

Daniel Gray checked out Tails of Iron:

Tails of Iron: Taking Back the Ratdom (Review)



Sunday - September 19, 2021

Tails of Iron - Review @ Gamingbolt

by Hiddenx, 16:39

Gamingbolt has reviewed Tails of Iron:

Tails of Iron Review – Functional, but Forgettable

Sometimes beautiful - sometimes boring.

Tails of Iron Review – Functional, but Forgettable

It’s not every day that you come across a game that juxtaposes a whimsical story-book art style full of forest animals with a brutal weapon-based combat system. It’s also equally uncommon for such ideas to blend together in a seamless way that doesn’t feel forced or inorganic. Tails of Iron strives to be a game that accomplishes all of this with its light emphasis on RPG mechanics and a rather bleak, somber overall tone. While it does seem to check a lot of the boxes that a game like this should, I still never quite felt all of its pieces click into place in a consistently satisfying way.


Tails of Iron never quite falls flat on its face. It’s a functional and serviceable addition to its genre that gives players a well-realized world to experience and can provide some meaningful challenge all while running respectably well. But with its somewhat wooden combat being the centerpiece, garnished with generic platforming and small handful of other slip-ups, it can sometimes be too much for its glimmers of inventiveness to overcome. The game’s friendly price and obvious triumphs in art style and music might be enough for some to see it through, but as far as side-scrolling action RPG’s go, there are just too many other ones that do much better what Tails of Iron is aiming at for me to recommend it broadly. You can certainly tell that there’s a lot of heart behind the game’s general concept, and I’m always down for a dark rodent-themed adventure. But the fact that almost none of the game’s ideas ever reach any notable heights, creates an unfortunately low ceiling for the overall experience.

Score: 6/10

Friday - September 17, 2021

Tails of Iron - Released

by Hiddenx, 16:09

The RPG Tails of Iron has been released:

Tails of Iron

Greetings Royal Rodents,

Get your whiskers straightened out and your fur combed clean because Tails of Iron is OUT NOW - get 10% OFF this week only! 


Sunday - July 11, 2021

Tails of Iron - Release Date: September 17

by Hiddenx, 08:49

The 2D-Action RPG Tails of Iron will be released on September 17:

Tails of Iron

Set in a grim land plagued by war, Tails of Iron is a hand-drawn RPG Adventure with punishingly brutal combat. As Redgi, heir to the Rat Throne, you must restore your broken Kingdom by banishing the merciless Frog Clan and their ferocious leader, Greenwart.

As you explore the deceivingly charming world, you’ll encounter a cast of unique companions, ready to aid you in your adventure. And you’ll need all the help you can get, whether that’s new meal recipes, blueprints to forge deadly weapons and armour, or even a land-chugging, armour-plated mole mobile!

Overcome your fears. Rescue your brothers. Restore Your Kingdom.

Your tail has begun…


Master Brutal Combat
From frog zombies to gargantuan grubs - and everything in-between - the Kingdom is awash with danger. To overcome each perilous encounter, you’ll need to study your opponent’s attacks and react accordingly! Thankfully, there’s a range of deadly abilities at your disposal, including parry bashes and fatal executions, not to mention ranged attacks with your nifty bow and arrow.

Explore a Treacherous Kingdom
Fully accompanied by the deep, raspy narrations of the legendary Doug Cockle (celebrated within the world of RPGs), prepare to embark on an epic adventure across the mediaeval-fantasy Rat Kingdom. Complete side quests and faction hunts for some additional gold-on-the-side, or join forces with a sharp-eyed companion to help even the playing field.

Customise your Attack
Adapt Redgi’s combat style to the task at hand. Heavy armour may provide better protection but can you really afford to slow down your dodge-roll? And then there’s the question of weapon; axes pack a punch, while spears are quick and nimble. Perhaps you’d prefer the all-round performance of a trusty broadsword?

Overcome Savage Boss Fights
While danger lurks around every toadstool, you’ll need to keep your wits sharp and your blade sharper when it comes to the devastating boss fights. Cold-blooded in every sense of the word, these oversized amphibians each present their own unique combat challenge, and you’ll need more than a good set of armour to come out on top.

Brew Recipes, Craft Weapons, Forge Armour
Redgi’s keep is also home to his brothers, Rem-Rem, Bam-Bam and Dug. Rem can cook up a health-boosting feast with ingredients found throughout the world, while Bam can craft new weapons and armors from special blueprints you’ll uncover… if you look hard enough. And then there’s Dug, who’ll update you about new quests available throughout the Kingdom.


  • Master brutal combat, inspired by the souls-like genre, featuring dodge-rolls, parry bashes, and fatal executions!
  • Explore a vast and treacherous Kingdom, comprising six distinct biomes, each with its own hidden paths and secrets
  • Immerse yourself in a compelling story, narrated by the deep, raspy vocals of the legendary Doug Cockle
  • Customise your attack style with a vast array of distinct weapons and armour
  • Assemble a band of brave companions, ready to aid you on select missions
  • Complete side quests to earn additional gold-on-the-side
  • Unearth special blueprints to forge new and powerful weapons
  • Collect rare ingredients to cook up health-boosting feasts
  • Overcome savage boss fights against the Frog Clan’s deadly, oversized generals
  • Lose yourself in the gorgeous and lovingly-crafted 2D hand-drawn art style.

Information about

Tails of Iron

Developer: Odd Bug Studio

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Action-RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released at 2021-09-17
· Publisher: United Label