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Saturday - November 21, 2020

West of Loathing - Sequel in Development

by Hiddenx, 19:48

Assymetric, the developers of West of Loathing, confirmed that they are working on a sequel -> link.

Thanks Lucky Day!


Saturday - February 09, 2019

West of Loathing - Reckonin' at Gun Manor Available

by Silver, 11:57

A new expansion for West of Loathing called Reckonin' at Gun Manor is now available on Steam.

A ghostly carriage arrives in Dirtwater. Only you can see it, and it only goes one place -- the mysterious Gun Manor.

A brand new West of Loathing adventure, full of all the things you've come to expect from the Loathing brand:

  • A few more hours of that sweet, sweet gameplay
  • Fiendish new monsters
  • Useful new items
  • Challenging puzzles (which are also new)
  • Scads of new goofs and gags
  • No new gulches (sorry, we're all gulched out)

Who can solve the mystery of Gun Manor? Is it you? It's probably you.

Sunday - June 10, 2018

West of Loathing - Review @ Gamespot

by Hiddenx, 11:17

Gamespot reviewed the stick-figure RPG West of Loathing:

West Of Loathing Review: Wild, Wild West

Wild, wild, WILD West.

West of Loathing is not as simple as its art style might lead you to believe. Its black and white color palette, stick-figure characters, and crude hand-drawn art might appear to be devoid of personality. But in practice, its visual simplicity acts as a malleable canvas for its imagination to run away with reckless abandon. West of Loathing is an involved Western adventure game/RPG hybrid that embraces absolute absurdity with mechanical flexibility and comedic personality, making role-playing in its monochromatic old West thoroughly entertaining.

The Good

  • Humorous writing that rarely falters
  • Amusing jokes that persist through the game's systems
  • Flexible, non-lethal, and rewarding solutions to every obstacle
  • Pitch-perfect Western soundtrack

The Bad

  • Inventory management grows cumbersome on Switch

Score: 8/10 - Great

Thursday - June 07, 2018

RPGWatch Feature - West of Loathing Review

by Myrthos, 11:23

A supernatural comedy western RPG with stick animated figures, might not be what everybody is waiting for. Yet West of Loathing did manage to enter the top 10 of the RPG of the Year for 2017, so forgottenlor started the game up and penned down his opinion about the game.

I tend to be sceptical of games which advertise humour as a feature. I also am turned off by cartoon graphics. I nevertheless decided to buy West of Loathing when it was on sale for three reasons. First, the reviews were excellent, and it got a number of RPG of the year votes from people on this site. Second, it is a very reasonably priced game, even if its not on sale. And lastly and most importantly I was looking for a game that would run smoothly on my slowly dying and soon to be replaced 5+ year old computer. West of Loathing is a supernatural comedy western. So its not your typical RPG, let alone your typical computer game. Therefore, I've decided West of Loathing deserves a somewhat atypical review. So here it goes.


Everything these days is considered an RPG if it has an inventory and some character developement. But, yes, I'd say West of Loathing really in an RPG, and not just superficially. The game starts in your house, where you say farewell to your family before heading out west, and continues in the town of Boring Springs. This makes up the prologue chapter. You are given a number of choices as you progress through this chapter. First you can choose from one of three classes that are typical RPG fare, namely a ranged fighter (the snake oiler), a magician (the bean slinger) and a melee fighter (the cow puncher). Each of these classes offer some nice twists, though. The snake oiler, for example, cannot only poison enemies with his snake lasso, but can also summon snakes to fight for him. You are also given a choice of one of three non-combat skills (lockpicking, foraging, or haggling).

Thursday - December 21, 2017

West of Loathing - Best Comedy Game 2017 @ PC Gamer

by Hiddenx, 21:06

For PC Gamer West of Loathing is the best comedy game of 2017:

Best Comedy Game 2017: West of Loathing

This stick figure western is a rare, genuinely funny game.

Our Best Comedy Game 2017 is West of Loathing, as voted for by the PC Gamer global team. Below, the writers who enjoyed it this year share their thoughts. Check out the rest of our GOTY awards and personal picks.
Jody Macgregor: West of Loathing is such a well-written game, and those are so rare, that it's easy to underestimate how funny its stick figure wild west can look. Dynamite Dan is surrounded by craters and covered in soot, but has a huge grin on his smiley-button face. My crazy horse, named Crazy Horse, has ridiculous googly eyes, and having unlocked the Stupid Walking skill I get around by doing the worm, imitating John Cleese, and dragging my butt like a dog. There are dopey gags squeezed into the RPG systems too—my Beanslinger has a collection of campfire cookout abilities like setting enemies on fire or summoning a Bean Golem to be my friend, and every now and then I get a powerful, and powerfully dumb-looking, new hat. Other games throw in some funny banter, West of Loathing is a riot from top to bottom.

Tuesday - August 22, 2017

West of Loathing - Review

by Hiddenx, 19:25

Thatvideogameblog checked out West of Loathing:

West of Loathing Review

Right … well I’m not sure where to even begin with this one. I’ve either been doing this for to long and I’m hallucinating again or I’ve just spent an exceptionally large amount of time around lethal cows, bandits and immensely silly humor. Wait … no it’s just West of Loathing and boy am I going to have fun telling you about this game.

The first thing I really need you to note here it that this is an RPG. With this in mind, this review is based on more of a this-is-the-story-so-far-type thing. I’m still playing West of Loathing and I’m still thoroughly enjoying it but with tons of side quests and basically all the trappings you’d expect from an epic game I can only base this on what I’ve seen and done so far. If I try and give you a blow by blow you’ll still be reading this review when the sequel comes out.


All in all, for me at least, West of Loathing is a really refreshing change from other games in it’s genre. I could go into way more detail about the items you’ll find and the combat system but these are things you’ll pick up as you play. I think that this title is well worth a few hours of anybodies time. At the very least you’ll get a chuckle out of it but if you’re anything like me I’ve a feeling that you’ll be as hooked as I am and very pleased that you’re time hasn’t been wasted. This is definitely one that’s staying in my Steam library and may well find a comfortable home in yours.

Score: 8.5/10

Tuesday - August 15, 2017

West of Loathing - Review @ Bleeding Cool

by Hiddenx, 17:21

Bleeding Cool has reviewed the Western RPG West of Loathing:

This Paper Town Ain’t Big Enough: We Review ‘West Of Loathing’

I really love playing games that don’t take themselves too seriously. Not so much to the point of breaking the fourth wall (with some exceptions who get it right), but at least taking whatever genre they have and making fun of the idea while also making it an interesting game. The Kingdom Of Loathing was one of those games where you got to play an RPG in a stick-figure world where it poked fun at the genre and some of the absurdity of it, but also gave you a great adventure to embark upon. Asymmetric has now created a sequel of sorts called West of Loathing, which I happily got to play for review.


West of Loathing is one of the best indie titles of the year, hands down. It’s an awesome experience and made me want to go back and play it again, choosing a different horse and side character. Even with its flaws, this was a fantastic experience with great replay value, as no two adventures can be the same once you make the early choices. I loved playing it so much that I didn’t care how many hours I spent glued to the screen. I highly recommend it both for the humor and the gameplay. West of Loathing is a must for RPG fans, and something so simplistic in nature that casual gamers will enjoy it, too.

Score: 10/10


Sunday - August 13, 2017

West of Loathing - Review @ PC Gamer

by Hiddenx, 10:03

PC Gamer reviewed the western comedy RPG West of Loathing:

West of Loathing Review

Welcome to the Old West, where snakes are used as whips, cattle are demonically evil, and alongside stick-figure cowboys there are goblins, necromancers, and ghosts. A lot of ghosts, actually. There are ghost horses—
I ride one myself— and ghost cowboys, and an entire quite literal ghost town. There are even ghost pickles, and they're not the strangest things, or even the strangest food, you'll encounter.


It took me about twelve hours to make it through Loathing's main story (with lots of diversions and side-quests along the way), but I played another dozen hours just to continue exploring, to make sure I'd been everywhere and done everything, to unravel some of the RPG's truly strange mysteries, and to solve a handful of remaining puzzles, some of which are admirably elaborate. I had to create a spreadsheet with formulas for one—though maybe you're better at math than I am—and a spare envelope on my desk is now covered on both sides with notes, numbers, codes, and the names of about two dozen dead women (which isn't nearly as grim as it sounds, I promise).

West of Loathing is a wonderfully written RPG adventure, both fun and funny from its opening credits to whenever it is you decide you've probably read every last word in the game and realize, regretfully, that you've finished.

Score: 88/100 - The turn-based combat isn't the best, but it's a delightfully written RPG absolutely packed with humor.


Saturday - August 12, 2017

West of Loathing - Released

by Hiddenx, 07:10

West of Loathing — a slapstick comedy stick-figure wild west adventure RPG has been released:

West of Loathing

Say howdy to West of Loathing - a single-player slapstick comedy adventure role-playing game set in the wild west of the Kingdom of Loathing universe. Traverse snake-infested gulches, punch skeletons wearing cowboy hats, grapple with demon cows, and investigate a wide variety of disgusting spittoons.


Talk your way out of trouble as a silver-tongued Snake Oiler, plumb the refried mysteries of the cosmos as a wise and subtle Beanslinger, or let your fists do the talking as a fierce Cow Puncher. Explore a vast open world and encounter a colorful cast of characters, some of whom are good, many of whom are bad, and a few of whom are ugly.


  • a sprawling open world, chock full of danger, quests, puzzles, and mysteries
  • lush hand-drawn black and white graphics
  • full stick-figure customization
  • thousands of jokes, gags, and goofs
  • crunchy turn-based combat (but only if you want it)
  • liberal use of the Oxford comma
  • over 50 hats
  • disreputable saloons
  • several gulches
  • a drunk horse
  • NOTE: characters are not literally colorful (the game is in black and white)

Information about

West of Loathing

Developer: Asymmetric

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released at 2017-08-10
· Publisher: Asymmetric