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Aledorn - The Road to the First Chapter

by Hiddenx, 2021-06-09 21:37:05

Dungeons Of Aledorn is still in development:

The Road to the First Chapter of Aledorn

Greetings and salutations, it has already been over a year since any last update, apologies for that, I found it more reasonable to focus on game development rather than PR, but at least I tried to find time for smaller updates that I post on our Facebook site. Anyway! Time has come to throw you a bigger bone and this time I have really something proper!

A lot has happened in the past ten month, like for example The Plague that impacted many things across the globe, our progress notwithstanding. Unfortunately I had to change jobs (events & entertainment industry has been uneventful and not much fun recently), which meant less time to do game development. We did not stop, no, but we had to rearrange priorities and even while Aledorn stayed on top of the pyramid, there were delays. Nevertheless, we kept pressing forward, as you will see for yourselves.

Among other things we spent a lot of time discussing possible early access, which could help us in two ways – get feedback from the community and secure additional funding. After much back and forth we decided to follow this path, though in a slightly unusual manner.
Aledorn is a massive game (even after we scratched some ideas), so we will divide it into chapters and early access will cover the first one. In total there will be three or four chapters that will be released over time.

Now let’s get to the first chapter. What will it contain, you ask? At this moment we have about 60 locations ready (exteriors, interiors and dungeons) and all of those will be present in it. It will also include all the core features, up to a point. Let me elaborate – I will use magic and skills as the example: Aledorn Chapter One will contain all the basic skills and spells of Basic and Advanced level. Expert and Master level skills and spells will remain locked and will be part of further chapters. Similar to classes, you will not be able to evolve your class in the first chapter. We still believe that Aledorn will be a good well-rounded experience comparable to many standalone games out there. For those who have been around for a bit: Think of Baldur’s Gate I. – your character progress was hard capped on seventh level and it still was a kickass game.

Now let’s get to the merit – what progress we made in the last 12 months? We will start with the usual – level design, which is about 90 per cent finished, at least as Chapter One goes. As mentioned in one of the earlier updates, the capital city – called Lim – is divided into four quarters, three of which have been revealed earlier. The fourth and final one is the Main Boulevard, where some of the most important landmarks can be found – the Castle, Temple, Library and the Warrior’s Guild to name a few. 



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