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Anthem - Review @ TechQuila

by Hiddenx, 2019-03-10 17:58:10

TechQuila has reviewed Anthem:

Anthem Review: A Bare-bones Destiny Clone Without a Soul

BioWare’s latest game or should I rather say EA’s “Destiny clone” released a while back on all major platforms to a not so positive reception. It suffered a massive backlash from fans before as well as after release, with most complains claiming it to be one of EA’s latest money-minting schemes. After putting in more than a hundred hours into the game, I’ve developed a fair opinion on what to expect from Anthem, regardless of whether you are a BioWare fan or from the cult of Destiny.

It’s Really Fun at First But…
One of the core mechanics of BioWare’s latest game involve the javelins that allow the player to fly and blitz across Anthem’s gorgeous world. When you first fire up the game, you are greeted by a rather spectacular world filled with extraterrestrial creatures and ruins, remnants of a civilization long gone. These shaper ruins as they’re called lie at the heart of the game’s plot and lore.

It almost feels like all the BioWare veterans went to take a nap and left the development of Anthem to interns or beginners who have never actually been part of a successful project or franchise.

Score: 3.4/5

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