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Arcanum - Unofficial Fan Patch 2.0.2

by Silver, 2020-09-15 21:00:54

A new version of the unofficial patch for Arcanum was released back in June bringing it to version 2.0.2.

Version 200611 (2.0.2)

[Virgil's Debug Menu] It's now safe to have the GB ring equipped at all times, it won't interfer with anything or cause any glitches.
[Virgil's Debug Menu] Added a spawn object function, it can spawn both items and enemies, you simply input their prototype ID.
[Master Educator] Added an option in the installer to make party members receive training level equal to the player's (if they have suffient skill points), this is a global change and the Educator background is not needed.
[No XP Per Hit] Added an option in the installer to disable the XP per hit system, full XP value will be granted on kill, party wide.
Fixed Shadow Shield, it now gives an AC bonus equal to Evil Alignment / 2.
[Race Mod] Fixed Strong Poison, it was applying a previously unused effect that was intefering with Race Mod.
[Race Mod] Fixed an issue with Edward Teach's dialog after killing Gilbert Bates, now shows responses for the extra races.


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