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Arcanum - Unofficial Fan Patch 1.5.1

by Silver, 2019-10-06 02:21:59

The latest fan patch (1.5.1) for Arcanum has been released.

For a long time Arcanum was seen as one of the buggiest cRPGs. Although there were some fix packs floating on the internet, most of them were poorly done and not compatible with each other. A complete and tested community patch was needed. A pure patch that just polishes the game without adding any questionable content or changing the gameplay in any significant way.

I decided to make such project a reality. I've been replaying the game many times, fixing a lot of bugs, omissions, inconsistencies. The problem was that one man simply can't find all the bugs on his own. But with the great help of so many fans from all across the globe this patch was made a reality.

And if you're wondering who I am, I'm just a long time fan of the game. When I decided to start this project, I spent time researching the game, learning how it works. It's been a long way, but now I've accumulated a great deal of information on the game and its internal workings, including basics of the engine and most file formats.


The patch consists of several modules:

  • UAP Base
    All the bug fixes plus Extra Animations, Extended Ambient Tracks, HQ Townmaps and HQ Music.
  • High Resolution Patch
    Allows the game to be played at any resolution. Defaults to 720p. Improves Windows 10 compatibility.
  • Official DLC
    Adds 7 additional mini-campaigns. You can choose them in Options -> Game -> Module.
  • Beta Content
    Various things restored from pre-release versions of Arcanum.
  • Misc Mods
    Various miscellaneous mods and additions.


  • The patch is compatible with only English language versions of the game and will not install on localized versions.
  • Old saves are generally incompatible and will cause crashes and lockups in many locations, please make sure to start a new game.
  • If used with the Steam version, it's likely the game won't launch through Steam anymore, please use the provided desktop shortcut to run the game.

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