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Ash of Gods: The Way - The Merchant

by Hiddenx, 2022-05-08 08:32:34

Learn more about the merchant in the card-based RPG Ash of Gods: The Way:


Telling you about the merchant and interesting things you can buy from him.

Hello, folks!

Today we’d like to tell you about one more useful character who will follow you from tournament to tournament — the merchant. From this article you will find out what he sells and why you should visit him quite often.

The merchant doesn’t appear from the very beginning—Eik brings him to the tavern in the second half of the tournament, when Finn turns to challenger battles. By this moment our character has enough gold—let’s see what he can spend it for.


The part of the assortment of the merchant is cards of characters and support—items and charms. But you can also buy an elite fighter and considerably strengthen your deck—Skovos will come in very handy in challenger battles!


If cards of characters and support can be received in the battles later, the experience is never too much. You will definitely need it for the card upgrade—if not in Berkana, then in Rigga. With every tournament points of new fractions experience will be added, but players will be able to gain the experience for the rest of the decks they play.


You can get a unique card from the merchant as well. It’s one of the commanders—a bercanan lancer Ainsly. She can buff the attack which will definitely help in the fights with powerful Frisians.

The merchant can —Āonsiderably diversify the game. He has goods for any taste and strategy—anything you can afford. But remember that you will also need gold for the improvement of cards of support—and you won’t be able to call off the deal. Choose cleverly!

Explore the assortment of the merchant in our demo-version, share your opinion which goods you’d like to see in his shop, follow our page and—the main thing—add the game to your wishlist.

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