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ATOM RPG: Trudograd - Preview @ Gameffine

by Myrthos, 2020-05-21 16:49:32

Gameffine (formally indianNoob) has previewed the Trudograd expansion of ATOM RPG.

Before we begin, let’s address the mutated elephant in the room. Like ATOM before it, Trudograd is in Early Access for about 6-8 months. That means that what’s on offer right now is just a fraction of what the final game will encompass. Now, I know that Early Access doesn’t have the best reputation these days thanks to STEAM’s glowing ‘quality control’ and the actions of several shady developers. I also know that most people refrain from touching EA products because they do not want to experience games in short, disjointed bits and would rather wait for the full release. That’s completely understandable and no one would blame you for skipping out on EA games, how good they may be.

While ATOM RPG Trudograd only has about 5 major locations, just over 20 sidequests and 3 main quests implemented right now, it’s in a far better place than where ATOM was when it launched on EA. AtomTeam seems to have learned a lot from their first rodeo in EA and have put all that knowledge into making this small vertical slice of Trudograd for potential buyers. Visually, Trudograd looks slightly better, especially at night times. There are lots of QoL features. The translation has improved a lot. It’s less buggy. The inventory and journal systems aren’t a mess anymore and quests and characters are more interesting and varied so far. Overall, there seems to be a noticeable improvement in the coat of polish applied. The devs are also very active in STEAM discussions and are openly taking complaints and feedback there. I think it’s safe to assume that Trudograd will come out better and more refined than ATOM ever did.

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