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ATOM RPG - Update 0.8.5

by Silver, 2018-10-10 09:58:58

Update 0.8.5 has arrived for ATOM RPG. Screenshots at the link.

Hello again, friends!

Our work on another large update, numbered 0.8.5. has finally reached it’s end and we are ready to upload it for your enjoyment!
What has been done this time? Well, like we said in the announcement, we are continuing to liven up the locations with new characters, some of which aren’t just ready to tell you their stories, but also ask for your help in various side-quests. A huge work has been done with the crafting system - we added new recipes for not only firearms but meds as well.
Lots of hours were spent behind the stage, where we again tinkered with some of the mechanics to further balance out the game. Also, we have made clothes change possible - you can finally get rid of that sweater for something more fitting your playstyle!

Change log:

- Locations filled with 60+ new characters (look for them in Krasnoznamenny, Peregon, Fogelevka and some other places)
- New crafting recipes. Not just for firearms, but also for medicine and armor;
- 20 new quests and juicy solutions to some of the old ones, including Dan’s quest line, Kostya the Yob’s quest line and more;
- Change your clothes!
- New visuals for character on the global map;
- New visual effects such as cloud shadows on the ground, fog on location borders, etc;
- A large portion of sounds remastered, new sound effects added, footstep noises now depend on terrain;
- New demo global map;
- New location - The Container Yard;
- Rebalanced the perks;
- Rebalanced trade, also some wares turn to money in time;
- Rebalanced and improved AI;
- New follower commands (point to target, or move to location);
- Various bugs fixed

As always, we will spend the next few days hot-fixing new issues, if there will be such. Then it’s business as usual, and by that we mean constant work on the next big update!

Thank you for sticking with us, and let there be ATOM!

Thanks Couchpotato and Farflame!

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