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Baldur's Gate 3 - Early Access Interview with Swen Vincke

by Silver, 2020-11-17 20:15:53

IGN interviewed Swen Vincke about Baldur's Gate III's Early Access feedback.

Thanks to those successful forays into early access, Larian launched Baldur’s Gate 3 fully prepared with a suite of quantitative data tools. This software allows Vincke and his team to see practically everything players do, from who they romance to where they save their progress. That latter information helps show where players are ‘save scumming’; the act of creating a save file before a major moment or decision, and reloading it if the situation doesn’t provide the result a player would like.

Vincke notes that one moment in particular, where players must navigate a tricky dialogue encounter to save some children, is one that has experienced heavy save scumming. “It's an emotionally laden moment, and people want the dice to go in a certain direction,” Vincke says. He recognises that the amount of players reloading to try to get a better outcome is something Larian can learn from. “We made [the dice rolls] hard, but maybe we can add extra role-playing options for players to get the same effect. It's one of those things that we can pick up from seeing those behaviors of players.”

It’s not just in this situation that players are becoming frustrated with Baldur’s Gate 3’s dice rolls. The system - based on tabletop Dungeons & Dragons’ use of D20-based skill checks - has proven divisive in the BG3 player base. Many players are not used to a dice roll governing their successes or failures; random number generation (RNG) disrupting a sneaky attempt to deceive someone or foiling a heroic deed can feel at odds with roleplay. “There are people who have had difficulties with that,” says Vincke. “They want to be able to manipulate it.”


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