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Banner Saga 3 - John Watson Interview

by Hiddenx, 2017-04-17 09:49:47

Game Watcher has interviewed Stoic's Co-Founder and Technical Director John Watson:

The Banner Saga 3: An Interview With Stoic's John Watson

The journey through the epic that has been The Banner Saga is like few other tactical RPGs out there. This Nordic-inspired adventure has mixed elaborate storytelling and gorgeous art and music with a compelling combat system that challenges players to think on their toes as the characters evolve through the story. At times it feels like taking The Oregon Trail towards Ragnarok. Other times it feels like Iron Age X-COM, but always it has pushed us to care about the people involved in the journey and the decisions and sacrifices we’ve chosen for them to make along the way.

Now the final leg of the trilogy looms. The Banner Saga 3 crushed a KickStarter goal and is well on its way to development. It promises to bring our time with characters like Alette, Rook, Juno, Eyvind, Iver and more to defining close. With that in mind, we reached out to the developer Stoic to talk about what we can look forward to in this final harrowing adventure for the heroes. Stoic Co-Founder and Technical Director John Watson was kind enough to heed our call and talk about Banner Saga 3’s story, new features, and the future of the franchise.


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