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Bard's Tale IV - Directors Cut Releasing August 27th

by Silver, 2019-07-11 23:26:11

The Director's Cut for The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep will release August 27th.

We’re happy to announce that The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut will be arriving digitally on Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass (PC and Xbox), and PlayStation 4 on August 27!


If you already own the game on PC when the Director’s Cut arrives, you’ll receive the update for free with the game’s release on August 27, and it will show up as a new product in your games library listed as The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut.

For the digital Director’s Cut we’re making the choice for new purchasers much clearer with new Standard and Deluxe Edition. Because the Director's Cut is a free upgrade for current owners, anyone who owns the base game will receive the Director’s Cut Standard, and those who own a current license for the Premium, Platinum, or Ultimate versions will be granted the Deluxe Edition. For our backers who may have retrieved digital rewards through CrowdOx before, you will be receiving The Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut Deluxe Edition and all your digital items will now be tied to your Steam/GOG accounts.

A reminder for Mac & Linux users: your Steam and GOG keys are already available via CrowdOx if you haven’t redeemed them yet. The keys are universal, meaning they work with whichever system you are running Steam/GOG on (Windows, Mac, Linux). There are no Mac- or Linux-specific keys needed. 

For non-backers reading this, here’s a breakdown of The Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut editions.


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