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Beautiful Desolation - Gameplay Video

by Silver, 2017-12-04 22:40:47

The latest update for Beautiful Desolation shows off some gameplay.


Mark has arrived at the entrance to The Kettle: a bustling settlement that sits at the base of the Bulwark, an enormous wall of compacted buildings and overgrown trees.

Our previous games focused on isolation, while in Beautiful Desolation we've opened the doors to our new world, creating environments populated with vibrant and strange characters. We want a living, breathing world for Mark to explore that includes augmented humans, drones, robots, and bizarre animals.

In addition, we've finalized gameplay technicalities such as the UI amd camera control which you can see in action in the video. 

Thanks for supporting us this year.

Have a great festive season and see you in 2018!

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