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Black Geyser - Backer Beta Delayed to June

by Myrthos, 2020-03-22 13:09:33

Due to the situation we are all facing now the backer beta of Black Geyser has been delayed.

As you all know, the Backer Beta was set to come out in a few days. But as many of you are personally experiencing now, the international crisis is having damaging effects everywhere, and our studio has been no exception. We are projecting a delay of two to three months on the Beta, to somewhere between the 17th and 30th of June. But don’t worry! The game is coming along as quickly as we can make it, and the full release is on track.

This comes with one advantage though: while content for the beta is all in place, the delay will give us more time for refinement. We intend for the beta to be bug-free, and we have been going through a series of artistic upgrades to make our maps more beautiful. While we hadn’t planned on this delay, it does present an opportunity to iron out the wrinkles and release a better experience for our backers.

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