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Bloom - Labyrinth is Coming

by Myrthos, 2018-11-08 23:59:55

As we reported before Bloom: Memories has been put on the backburner to work on a smaller game first, named Labyrinth, in order to get some cashflow in. The most recent update shows us a trailer.


Furthermore if you don't belief that Bloom is going to happen anymore, you can get Labyrinth for your pledge instead.

Backers wise I'm not tooo sure what to do with Labyrinth. I think I'll probably send out copies to those at higher tiers? But the lower end tier (like the 10$) I think still pretty fair just getting Memories. Even though that is taking a lot longer than expected, it is also a lot bigger than first expected (aiming for a 30$ price point now). 

Though if anyone doesn't think that Memories is going to come (or just tired of waiting), and just wants to take Labyrinth and Faucet instead, I'd have no problem with that (Labyrinth is going for $20 price point...unless I get cold feet in the last moments and go down to $ brave do I feel? :P).

It's an opportunity for anyone to pull the ripcord if they just are frustrated with how things are going. (I'd completely understand, the way this has gone has not been ...ideal....)

Anyhow, let me know in a private message and I'll get you a key and mark it down on my end :) Physical stuff will have to wait till Memories though (since I'll be producing them at once and shipping them at once). I'll remind everyone of this in a few (hopefully) days once I the game goes live also.

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