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Bloom - Labyrinth Update

by Myrthos, 2018-12-02 18:24:01

The release of Labyrinth on was not a success. so, it is coming to Steam.

Bloom: Labyrinth is NOT Bloom: Memories. 

These are two very different games, that play completely different, with different assets and a very different world. Even the camera angle isn't the same (one is closer to isometric, the other is straight top down). 

Backers here supported Bloom: Memories and bought copies of that (delayed as it may be from the mess of people coming and going). They do share a lot of under the hood stuff though, which is why I went ahead with Labyrinth in the first place (such as save system or merchant system being work we can carry over into Memories later. That type of sharing of base engine and systems between games from the same company is very common in gaming).

"Bloom" is just the IP "Assassins Creed". 

Just figured that needed clearing up. I've seen so much confusion about what was happening lately....this is NOT the release of Bloom: Memories, just a small detour to hopefully help in a variety of ways.


Anyhow, now that the first bit has passed....time for a postmordem of how release went! -drum roll-

Obviously this time of year was horrible timing for release (sadly, not too many options), and itch was a poor platform to bank on (especially since they deal with more game jam games and different type of audience). So....I think it's safe to say this experiment was a failure haha.

So....time to shake things up and take off the gloves! 

First price drop. I was far too bold in pricing (especially with how important sales are in the short term). It's already been done on itch (not that it matters there too much).

Second, steam! Yup, it seems the best option is to go limping back to the big platform and just help do my part to get Gabe to his 6 billion. Really though, if you think about it....he deserves it, he revolutionized the world with innovative innovation.


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