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Call of Cthulhu - Previews

by Silver, 2018-10-10 09:57:05

Some previews of Call of Cthulhu from Farflame!

God is a Geek

Sure, there are some issues. The RPG-lite character progression feels a bit out of place, and this preview build was riddled with spelling mistakes, but that may well be down to iffy translation of a French game and can easily be fixed before launch. It’s also a very minor complaint in a preview that otherwise had me riveted from start to finish.

On the other side, Call of Cthulhu is dripping with atmosphere and has a story that is as intriguing as it is eerie. The detective angle works nicely, letting you piece together possible crime scenes, showing you ghost-like images of your theories as you search for clues. Dialogue wheels and the various gameplay outcomes that are influenced by how you play, both combine to create something a little different to most of today’s horror games. Plus, the story had me gripped from the moment I saw the Hawkins’ painting in Edward Pierce’s office.


Game Watcher

For example, the first major objective in the game is to get into Warehouse 36, a place by the docks owned by the Hawkins family, where shady deals seem to be going on. The cops are steering you away from it, gangsters guard the front entrance, and the back entrance is seemingly blocked. What do you do?

The answer depends entirely on the stats you chose at the beginning of the game. While you may have upgraded them a little by now, it won’t be much, and if you’ve gone jack-of-all-trades you’ll struggle to do most. Basically, Pierce has seven Skills that he can upgrade: Eloquence (charisma), Spot Hidden (find objects), Strength, Investigation, Psychology, Occultism and Medicine. All can be upgraded so you can get more information, and even access different areas and conversations.


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