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Children of Zodiarcs - Review @ TechRaptor

by Hiddenx, 2017-08-09 19:42:33

TechRaptor has reviewed Children of Zodiarcs:

Children of Zodiarcs Review - Turn Based Tragedy

A success story from Steam’s much maligned Greenlight program, Children of Zodiarcs managed to outshine the crowd in that hit and miss marketplace, gaining backing through Kickstarter and with a little help from Square Enix’s indie publishing label Square Enix Collective along the way. The title relies heavily on the unique hook of its tactical SRPG combat system, which is essentially a digital reimagining of a tabletop game. In this game, a hand of cards and a roll of the dice will respectively determine what your attack options are and how successful they will be. This engaging system is framed by a world of deceit and violence where the rich oppress the poor with an iron fist and the poor, in turn, do what they must to survive.


It’s convenient devices like this that help sum up my main issue with Children of Zodiarcs.  The world and story surrounding it are shallow. The depth of the utterly brilliant turn-based combat system only highlights this. If you’re a fan of Strategy RPGs or turn based games I wouldn’t let that put you off trying this game out for yourself though, the combat is worth it and you might even find more to love in Lumus than I did. I can’t fault the core gameplay here, I just wish the rest of the package was as appealing.


One to try for fans of strategy RPGs, Children of Zodiarcs has a solid combat system with an interesting hook. The game is let down by a poorly told story that fails to satisfy but it does have it's moments nonetheless.


  • Enjoyable Combat System
  • Engaging Deckbuilding
  • Nice Art Style
  • Great Soundtrack


  • Weak Story
  • Unlikable Characters
  • Unnecessary Padding
  • Repetitive Missions

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