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Children of Zodiarcs - Preview @ Worthplaying

by Hiddenx, 2017-07-16 09:08:52

Worthplaying checked out the upcoming tactical J-RPG Children of Zodiarcs:

PS4/PC Preview - 'Children of Zodiarcs'

Children of Zodiarcs is a tactical JRPG with collectible cards and craftable dice combined with classic tactical gameplay, rich story, and memorable music.
A genre usually reserved for home consoles and handhelds, the Japanese style of strategy-RPG has seen some recent action on the PC. Most of the games are ports of older titles from the PlayStation family, but the representation is appreciated nonetheless. In a few weeks, we'll see Children of Zodiarcs, a game that breaks the genre mold in several different ways. For one, it comes from Canada and is published by Square Enix under its Collective umbrella that supports indie titles. It also happens to be released day and date with its console counterpart, and the gameplay mechanics make this feel distinct.

The story has a number of beats you'd expect from anything influenced by Japanese storytelling methods. You play as a band of thieves, mostly comprised of kids from the slums who want to rob the rich and kill anyone in their way. The specific targets of wealth are the Zodiarcs, relics from an ancient time that grant the user power if they know how to wield it. As in many RPGs, the characters are engaging. There's a caring brute who acts as the caretaker of the kids, and there's a fan of the thief who's gotten herself in a sticky situation. The concerns of the two main children give the story some depth in small snippets without being preachy.
Based on the battle system alone, Children of Zodiarcs provides an interesting spin to the strategy RPG. Though you aren't expecting crazy combo action or complicated teamwork when taking out enemies, the use of dice and card mechanics adds enough of a difference to make things feel complex while remaining accessible. It'll be interesting to see how the final product fares when the game releases.

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