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Code Vein - Interview @GameSpew

by Silver, 2019-09-09 11:26:44

Gamespew interviewed the developers of Code Vein about how they are furthering the Dark Souls experience.

While a lot of people are making Dark Souls comparisons, there’s also a distinct anime style and post-apocalyptic setting. Did that come from the influence of the God Eater series?

Iizuka: Yes, that is definitely correct. Actually the team from God Eater 1 and 2 is the team developing Code Vein. Therefore we tried to use the strength of the team that was already there, which is definitely a post-apocalyptic world, and very detailed character-building.

Above that, the team wants to take a new challenge and to go into a different area, which is this time an action RPG, and to use the strengths of the team that were already there, and then to put it into developing a game, which provides an exploration experience in action. That is definitely Code Vein.


Thanks Farflame!

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