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Conglomerate 451 - Review @Any Button Gaming

by Silver, 2020-01-15 22:17:15

Conglomerate 451 has been reviewed by Any Button Gaming who found it enjoyable enough for genre fans.

The core of Conglomerate 451 is it’s strategic, turn-based ‘dungeon’ crawling combat tied with it’s X-COM-esque squad mechanics. For those interested, it runs on the Unity engine. Players can bring no more than 3 agents to each engagement, therefore strategic harmony is not only helpful, but essential. Bringing the right agents with the right abilities can make or break a missions probability of success. Some abilities can recharge shields, heal, reduce the “pain” stat, raise defense, initiative, etc.. Offensive abilities can leave debuffs, and do different damage types such as radiation or electric. From piercing, to mark debuffs, there’s just too much to mention here.

Essentially, players pick a region (procedurally generated tileset) and choose a mission where they are tasked with a specific objective, such as killing a particular target, or finding an item. Most areas are broken up into sections separated by an elevator they must find, confronting or avoiding enemies along the way. There’s androids, drones, cyborgs with swords, pink cyberpunk masked crazy ladies and a whole lot more.

With that said it can feel very slow at times, It’d be nice to have an onscreen toggle to accelerate combat speed. It would also be convenient to be able to hover the mouse over a buff or debuff to see a quick description of it’s effects. There is also a hacking mechanic to access certain objects or items accompanied by different mini-games, there’s a bit of variety here but get a bit tedious after many hours. Additionally there’s red stat deductions that, as far as I’m aware are unexplained reducing damage output significantly. This may be a game mechanic which I am yet to understand, but if it is, it isn’t explained or elaborated on. 


Thanks Farflame!

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