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Consortium: The Tower - Sweet Talk Terrorists

by Silver, 2018-01-11 08:29:23

PCGamesN look at Consortium: The Tower and explore its reactivity.

Want to murder everyone as news drones buzz overhead? You can. Want to sneak through and incapacitate them all with electric shocks? Go ahead. Prefer to have a nice chat? Sure. Time goes on even if you do not do anything in Consortium, and every action you take is judged by your superiors who monitor your performance constantly, berating and praising you as you go. Occasionally, characters address you as well - yes, you, dear reader - breaking the fourth wall. It is a refreshing setting, and one that evokes the ‘One City Block RPG’ envisioned by immersive sim grandfather Warren Spector. 

The first time I drop onto the tower, I walk up to the first terrorist I see and speak to him, all friendly. He tells me his boss is an idiot and that nobody on the tower is allowed to attack me unless I shoot first. Nice. This gives me free reign to stroll around chatting to these gun-toting goons. Eventually, I voluntarily surrender and am locked up, before being freed from a cell by some unknown, interdimensional ally.


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