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Cosmic Star Heroine - January Update

by Couchpotato, 2015-01-22 00:31:09

Zeboyd Games posted the January update for Cosmic Star Heroine that contains some new new screenshots, and talks about game difficulty & Trophies/Achievements. 

We're busy working on inserting content into the game at the moment. By our latest estimates, the main game should take between 10-14 hours to complete, plus an additional 3-6 hours for major side-quests. Unlike our previous games, side-quests won't just be "Go into non-descript small dungeon & fight a few monsters for loot" and in fact, all of the playable characters except Alyssa has a side-quest that's connected to them. We're having a lot of fun with these (including some homages to some of our favorite games) and hope you will too.

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