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Cosmic Star Heroine - Kickstarter Updates #5 & 6

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-13 00:17:24

Cosmic Star Heroine has posted two more updates over the last two days. Read below for the links and a brief description.

Update #5 - "New Screenshot - the mutated forest of Rhomu!"

Hi everyone!  We're posting a new screenshot of the game today!

(Click here for larger image)

To contrast the city / street screenshot posted earlier, we felt like sharing an image from one of the more forested alien worlds in the game.  

The planet Rhomu was wracked by war, forcing the population to flee underground. The planet surface remained uninhabited, allowing the now-mutated flora and fauna to overtake the abandoned industrial complexes that once dominated the landscape.

We hope you like the new screenshot, and thanks again so much for your support! We're almost at the $100k goal line!

Update #6 - "What if Cosmic Star Heroine exceeds its goal?"

$100k-$200k: We would most likely use this extra money for additional time at the end of the development cycle for extra polishing and non-essential but fun extra features. We would also be able to give more money to Hyperduck for use on the soundtrack - the $100k initial goal should get us a soundtrack on par with the last game they scored for us (which had an excellent soundtrack - check it out!) but of course, we'd love to make the Cosmic Star Heroine soundtrack even better.

$200k-$300k: At this stage, we would consider the possibility of hiring additional part-time help for programming & art, thus allowing us to do more with less time. Of course, this is dependent on us finding the right individuals who do high quality work that fit the game and who would work well with us.

$300k+: At this stage, we could consider getting the game localized in other languages and maybe look into some voice acting.

Also, if we end up with enough money left over after making the game, we would like to do some free post-release DLC.

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