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Cosmic Star Heroine - Update #8, Gameplay Details

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-17 00:10:41

Zeboyd Games has posted a new update for Cosmic Star Heroine with new gameplay details about buffs, leadership, and friendship.

First, characters will only be able to have a limited number (probably starting at 3 though in a few rare cases, you'll be able to increase that) of buffs active at once. If an additional buff is cast on a character beyond that amount, it'll replace the oldest active buff. In our previous games, there was no limit to the number of different buffs you could stack on a single character.

Second, most buffs will have a limited duration of X number of turns (although there are ways to increase that turn count). In the past, most of our buffs lasted for the rest of the battle.

Now let's talk a little about two of the more buff-heavy masteries in the game: Alyssa's Leadership Mastery and Chahn's Friendship Mastery. Although both masteries focus on supporting the party in various ways, it was important to us to make sure that each one felt unique & went well with each character's personality.

Alyssa's Leadership mastery is very active for a support mastery. She's meant to actively lead her party in the thick of battle rather than hanging back from behind. Here are a few of her Leadership abilities...

Lead by Example: Passive. Whenever Alyssa defeats an enemy, the party restores some HP.

Cheer Up. Buff: Target ally regains some HP. They also get a bonus to all Stats for 1 turn.

Confidence: Passive. Alyssa gets a +10% bonus to all stats as long as no one in her party has been defeated in this battle.

All-Out Assault:Special Effect. All ally attacks & abilities deal 50% more damage this turn.

From the Shadows. Buff. Party gets a boost to Cunning for 3 turns.

In contrast, Chahn's Friendship mastery is much more of a traditional support mastery. Through her giving nature, she actually becomes more powerful the more she helps other members of the group. A few of her Friendship abilities include...

Fortify Mind: Buff. Increases magic defense. 4 turns.

Best Friends Forever: Buff. The Best Friends Forever buff does not expire. Other buffs on this character last for 2 additional turns.

Sharing: Passive. Whenever Chahn places a buff on an ally, she also gains that same buff.

Economize: Buff. Reduces MP costs by X points.

All in all, the mastery system & related abilities are proving to be very fun to design. We could make some really interesting characters just by using a single mastery, but when you take into account that each character will have 3 masteries to choose from, plus further customization through things like equipment, there should be a ton of fun depth to explore with the various characters. :)


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