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Cyber Knights: Flashpoint - Early Access 2021

by Silver, 2020-11-16 11:42:35

PC Gamer reports on Cyber Knights: Flashpoint saying that it plans to release into Early Access Summer 2021.


Indie developers Trese Brothers are set to release their second game in 2021, a cyberpunk tactical RPG titled Cyber Knights: Flashpoint. Cyber Knights will interweave the story of an elite team of "hackers, mercs and thieves" with deep game systems and XCOM-esque tactical combat that includes stealth and hacking. The kicker is that the game has procedural elements, much like Trese Brothers' highly-regarded previous game Star Traders: Frontiers. These generated elements in the story and combat mean that Cyber Knights aims to be highly replayable, giving you a new cyberpunk story each time.

Asked to say what makes Cyber Knights stand out from other tactical RPGs, developer Andrew Trese told PC Gamer that it was an emphasis on "Deep systems and extreme replayability," noting that it had "Heist-style missions with a distinct planning phase and balanced mix of stealth, hacking and combat in encounters."


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