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Cyberpunk 2077 - Character Screenshots

by Silver, 2019-07-10 14:12:37

Gamingbolt reports on 84 new character screenshots for Cyberpunk 2077 meant to help cosplayers.

CDPR are in the midst of running a cosplay contest, and to help out fans they’ve released a set of a staggering 84 high quality still screens that show characters from various angles via their Twitter. We’ll show you a sampling of some below to get an idea of what kind of stills they have, and you can also see the whole thing here (big thanks to Twinfinite for compiling the full gallery there). You can also download the files from the official Twitter in several .rar file links that we’ll provide below. If you decide to participate in the contest, good luck! And if you just want to just marvel at the character models, there’s nothing wrong with that either.


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