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Dark Future: Blood Red States - Gameplay Video

by Silver, 2018-03-12 20:54:08

@GameWatcher Dark Future: Blood Red States is a strategy RPG focused on the post-apocalypse and car combat based on the tabletop from Games Workshop.


As noted in the video, the UI there is placeholder, but it gives a good impression of how Dark Future: Blood Red States will actually play. Despite at first glance looking like a Twisted Metal-style car combat game, it is actually a strategy game. Auroch uses a "time dilation-focused tactical gameplay system" called RealTimeShift, in which players can slow down time to issue orders. It certainly looks quite unique.

The game's Steam page has also undergone a complete refresh, with new information and new screenshots.

Dark Future: Blood Red States will be out on PC in 2018, we're guessing later in the year.

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