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Dead Cells - The Brutal Update

by Silver, 2017-11-14 08:52:26

The 'Brutal Update' has arrived for Dead Cells which sees its debut on GOGs in-development program at a 25% discount until November 20th.

Ghost in the cell.

Dead Cells is now available, DRM-free on with a 25% discount until November 20, 2PM UTC.Roguelite? Metroidvania? This is RogueVania: progressive exploration, replayability, and the adrenaline pumping threat of permadeath; but it's YOUR own ability that matters the most!Freeze, zap, pierce or fireball your enemies as you expertly swerve around them to reach the next impossible boss.Akin to its protagonist, the game is constantly evolving and has just received its biggest update yet, exclusive to GOG for the next 24 hours.Make sure to grab its atmospheric Soundtrack separately.Note: This game is currently in development. See the FAQ to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.


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Dead Cells

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Metroidvania RPG
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