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Dead In Vinland - Review Roundup

by Silver, 2018-04-13 11:02:37

Dead In Vinland has been reviewed favourably by a number of sites.


Each location you explore on the island has something to interact with. Sometimes it’s a simple hunting ground, others it can be a gate to Hel itself. See above. Some are mysteries waiting to be solved, others are simply a place to get more goods to survive by. But the best thing is that each new game means that the locations of these items and the outcomes are completely different. The skills of your people mean success or failure in getting the most from them too. It’s just… brilliant design, and like a really pretty and engaging single player board game.

Dead in Vinland is out TODAY on Steam, and if you want a character-driven, thinking man’s RPG – this one’s right up your alley.

Gamespace 8/10

Dead in Vinland surprised me a bit.  I was expecting a robust survival game, for sure, but to have such a robust RPG experience tacked on to it was nothing short of impressive.  As with most of these games, RNG can be particularly brutal though. While it makes sense in the narrative of the story, getting additional survivors from a variety of areas jarred me initially (from Vikings to African poets to Tomoe Gozen, the game has all sorts).  I also highly recommend playing at least on normal, as the game’s easy mode seems to trivialize a lot of the strategy and content. Music and sound were adequate — combat’s Darkest Dungeon-esque sounds were particularly nice — but I definitely felt the characters could be a bit more expressive.  Sure, there’s a lot of emotion packed into this story, but only Eirik (the father) seemed properly capable of showcasing it at times. All in all, though, Dead in Vinland combines survival and role-playing into a very complex package, so fans of either may want to check it out.
Note: A game key was provided for review purposes.

onrpg 3.5/5

The other reason I kept playing was because I really wanted to reach milestones, like building every camp station and finding Bjӧrn’s camp. The game’s difficulty is definitely a factor as you’ll probably die and be forced to rethink your strategy. On my first playthrough, my Moira died on day 4 because she became too depressed scavenging the shipwreck. Each time the challenge became too much for me, I was forced think about what I could have done differently. For instance, I learned that it’s extremely important to build the tavern and the rest area early on, even before securing a source of food.

Dead in Vinland is not an easy game, but it can definitely be overcome if you think about what resources and upgrades you need, and how to allocate the people in your camp to overcome the challenges the game throws at you.

indiegamewebsite 8/10

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