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Death's Door - Review @ Screenrant

by Hiddenx, 2021-07-26 22:22:45

Screenrant checked out Death's Door:

Death’s Door Review: A Gorgeous Action RPG About Death

Death's Door is a gorgeous and responsive action-adventure with a best-in-class soundtrack, and an easy recommendation 

For the diminutive crow at the center of Acid Nerve’s Death’s Door, reaping pesky souls and delivering them to the afterlife is all in a day’s work. As coworkers busy themselves at desks or loiter about in the mostly monochrome and dream-like Hall of Doors, the unnamed protagonist is off scouring nearby lands for the souls who got away. In a preview of the Devolver Digital-published Death’s Door last month, it impressed with its cozy environments, snappy combat, and generous attention to detail, and the finished game follows suit with those first impressions. Death's Door is a beautiful, refined, and digestible action-adventure with particularly stunning visual and audio design.


If Death’s Door is not mentioned in a list of the year’s best indies, it will only be due to its finer focus and lack of complexity or significant depth, which also speaks to the game's utter lack of bloat. Those who are looking for the cavernous biomes of Hollow Knight or the lore-rich epistolatory storytelling in a Souls game may feel shorted by the 10 or so breezy hours on offer here, but Death’s Door is a precisely engineered and immersive adventure which will fully satisfy anyone seeking that exact experience. Isometric action RPGs are a dime a dozen, but rarely are they polished to such a brilliant sheen.

Score: 4.5/5

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