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Demon's Souls - Remake (PS5) Review @ TG

by Hiddenx, 2020-11-19 19:14:52

Tom's Guide has reviewed the new Demon's Souls:

Demon’s Souls review: The best reason to own a PS5

Demon’s Souls is even better now than when it debuted, thanks to the PS5 

Demon’s Souls is the standout title among the PS5’s launch library. It’s not Spider-Man: Miles Morales; it’s not Bugsnax; it’s not even the surprisingly inventive Astro’s Playroom. Demon’s Souls is a rich, meaty experience that builds on the 2009 classic in significant ways, while keeping everything that made the game so absorbing completely intact.

The robust, complex gameplay alone would be reason enough to give Demon’s Souls a try, but it’s also one of the best-looking games on the PS5, combining eerie fog and lighting effects with some remarkable level design, and an enviable color palette. For a game that’s as dark and difficult as they come, Demon’s Souls can evoke beauty, melancholy and even a little wry humor.


Demon’s Souls review: Verdict

Demon’s Souls was an excellent game when it debuted back in 2009, and this loving remake treats it with the reverence it deserves. Just about everything is where you left it, but the graphics are prettier, the animation is more fluid and the load times are nearly instantaneous.

While a Souls game may sound daunting to first-timers, don’t let the series’ reputation fool you. Demon’s Souls is hard, yes, but the difficulty isn’t the point; it’s to explore a striking world and revel in the precision and customization of the gameplay. The PS5 couldn’t have kicked off with a much better game than this.

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