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Deus Ex - Mod Lets You Play as Female

by Silver, 2021-10-13 11:52:52

Eurogamer reports on a mod called the lay-d-denton project that lets you play as a female in Deus Ex; which was originally a cut feature.

The mod is a significant effort. All of JC Denton's 1700 lines of dialogue have been re-recorded by voice actress Karen Rohan, under the vocal direction of Chris Rohan.

"The performance strives to faithfully preserve the character of JC," reads the mod description.

"Every single line was performed directly after listening to the original Male JC's read. While not blatantly copying every single line, the original performance was used as the primary anchor point for the line reads. Variations were only made after careful consideration.

"In addition, we have strived to preserve the more beloved community one-liners as accurately as possible."


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