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Disco Elysium - Review @ HG101

by Hiddenx, 2020-10-15 19:26:29

Hardcore Gaming 101 reviewed Disco Elysium:

Disco Elysium – PC (2019), Mac OS X, PS4, Xbox One, Switch (2020)

In 1984, an Estonian born Karelian (from the former land of Karelia that’s now divided between Finland and Russia) named Robert Kurvitz came into the world. He would end up singing in a prog rock band, become a novelist, and now he makes video games because he’s super into Dungeons and Dragons. It’s important to keep this in mind because Disco Elysium, his big premier game from his studio ZA/UM, is very much based around his interests and his political reality of being part of a minority that faced a complete economic collapse with the end of the Soviet Union. It’s not subtle about it.


Many have said that Disco Elysium is wildly inventive and possible one of the best RPGs ever made – and those people are right. There’s so many fresh ideas here handled so well that it’s hard not to admire what the game managed to accomplish, and the emotional impact it can have in the process. It’s a fresh take on the genre made with help by building on other classics, and it also lets you walk around in your underwear and rubber gloves if you so desire, so it’s pretty amazing. Go play it and put on the war paint. Your right and left brains agree on this decision. Also, probably a good idea to apologize for colonialism.

Thanks apscp2008!

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