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Divinity: Original Sin II - Top of the Mods!

by Silver, 2017-12-05 21:30:02

The latest update for Divinity: Original Sin II focuses on the newest patch and other news.

Welcome to Kickstarter Update #45!  

Welcome to our very first post-release Kickstarter Update! What a crazy ride it has been. We just hit the million units sold milestone last week, and we simply could not have done that without this awesome community.  

We were floored by the response to Divinity: Original Sin 2. Watching everyone play, discover our little surprises and share their feedback over the past three weeks has been an experience like no other.  

Thank you so much to everyone who played our game, to everyone who streamed the game and to everyone who took the time to review the game. And, of course, the biggest thank you of all to you, our backers!  

Here are some of the games stats since we released DOS2:  

  • 93% rating on Metacritic  
  • 94% User Rating on Steam 
  • 4.5 out of 5 on GOG 
  • At one point 92,000 people were playing concurrently (RIP Servers!) 
  • Average play time: 55.5 hours 
  • Median play time: 35.5 hours 
  • Review scores such as a 10/10 from GameSpot, 9.75/10 from Game Informer and 9.6/10 from IGN 

But we’re not finished yet! We have a Patch and other news to share. Here’s Swen to tell you all about it:


Vote for Us! 

We are nominated for Best RPG in The Game Awards! We’re truly honored by this nomination, and darn it: we want to win!!! So please consider voting for us, either through the official The Game Awards site or by Googling “The Game Awards”. This second method is great if you don’t have a Facebook account. You can vote daily until Wednesday, December 6th!

Patch 5 is Ready to Go!  

On the fifth day of Christmas, Larian Studios gave to thee: Patch number five… whoopee? Sorry, that was harder to rhyme than we anticipated.  

We’ve been hard at work creating this latest DOS2 patch which includes a host of new usability features as well as fixes for some of the rarer bugs. For example, if you are playing with a controller, you now have an easier time selecting doors. If you are playing Game Master Mode, characters can be re-rolled. Lucky Charm now works no matter which party member checks the barrel. And much more!  

Check the Patch Notes here for all the delicious details this latest patch brings!

It’s Modding Time!  

One of our favorite joys about being a game developer is seeing the creativity of our players. We released our first Modding Tutorial Video to help you create your own mods to DOS2!  

We currently have close to 900 unique mods, including class mods, GMM campaigns and story campaigns.  

A quick list of some of our favorites:  

  • Change party size - Play with all of the companions at once. Swen hates it! 
  • Crafting overhaul - Everything in Rivellon now has a recipe! 
  • Class mods - Play as a Void Knight, Dragon Knight, Druid, Tempest or Bard Class.
  • Divinity Ball - We’re now a sports game! 
  • Arena Challenges - A new story campaign for those looking for more challenges. 
  • Chronicles of Divinity - A big campaign that looks to add content within the story and post story of DOS2. In the meantime, the creator is currently releasing the maps he creates as GMM maps! 
  • Noisy Crypt - Fun story campaign created by Windemere and Nimue 
  • An Ultima Style Mod - Includes character creation in which you must talk to a gypsy to create your character


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