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Dragon Quest XI - Review @ VentureBeat

by Hiddenx, 2020-05-16 18:18:53

VentureBeat has reviewed the J-RPG Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age:

The RetroBeat: Dragon Quest XI finally turns me into a fan

I love Japanese role-playing games like the Final Fantasy and Persona series, but I just never got into Dragon Quest. But I’ve finally corrected this oversight.

I had a few false starts with the classic franchise. When a remake of Dragon Quest IV came out for the Nintendo DS in 2008, I picked it up. This was right around the time I was marathoning my way through Final Fantasy, playing the first 10 games in the franchise in 6 months. After so much Final Fantasy, I thought I’d enjoy checking out the other major JRPG institution. But I barely got anywhere with Dragon Quest IV. I don’t have a great reason; the game just didn’t grab me. If there was one big thing, I just couldn’t get into the first-person battles. Not seeing my party members on the battlefield just felt jarring.


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