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Dungeon Encounters - Review @ PC Gamer

by Hiddenx, 2022-01-14 19:10:34

PC Gamer checked out Dungeon Encounters:

Dungeon Encounters finds depth in stripping the JRPG down to its essentials

Clever combat and exploration hide behind the barebones presentation.

I really should have mounted this expedition a little earlier, but here I am with Rwenzo, rescuing my incapacitated heroes scattered across a dozen floors of this dungeon and delivering them back to town on the first floor. 

The urgency is real because I’ve realised I’ve been risking a permanent game over with every battle. If my party is wiped by the ever-increasing threats I’m facing, I can only continue the game if I have conscious characters on the first floor to start a new party with. So I equipped Rwenzo with my best gear, left my other three party slots open to fill with rescued characters, and heroically departed with her on a quest of my own making, a desperate mission that emerged naturally from a game that initially seemed absurdly abstract and simplistic.


But each feature is designed down to its essentials, wringing as much utility out of it as possible. By returning to their roots in Wizardry and Ultima, Dungeon Encounters discards a great deal of the cruft that’s built up around Japanese RPGs, and finds new purpose. A dungeon, a party, weapons, armour and monsters, and the promise that you can always go deeper, as long as you remember to hit sharks with magic and punch bone dragons with a bare fist, bypassing 42,080 points of physical defense to hit its single HP. Sometimes the tiny numbers are just as fun as the big ones.

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