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Dungeons Of Aledorn - Leaving Team 21

by Hiddenx, 2019-07-07 14:47:06

Team 21 and two devs of Dungeons Of Aledorn split up:

Announcement: Leaving Team 21

Greetings backers, friends and fans of Dungeons of Aledorn. I have some sad news. This is the last update I am writing on Kickstater. Me, Ladislav"Nefarit" Štojdl and our chief programmer Martin "Arbiter" Mikš have decided to leave Team21 due to long-term disagreements within the team.

What does it mean for Dungeons of Aledorn?
The biggest one is that the game will not be finished by Team21. The coding and game design are in good shape, but we will need to start over with the graphics, as all the purchased asets will remain in ownership of Team21. This is a is a large setback and will mean time delay. Kickstarter obligations remain with Team21, but if we manage to finish the game with Arbiter and new graphic designer, then we will still honor you, our dear backers. and will provide you with rewards like free game copies.

Due to copyright issues we will be renaming the game from "Dungeons of Aledorn" to just "Aledorn".
 Fortunately the design and story are mine, so we will not have to make any changes there.

We do sincerely apologize to all of you, but it was a necessary step to take, if we wanted to keep moving forward. We are still negotiating and there still is a chance to strike a deal with Team21 that wll allow us to use the assets we purchased with your backing.

 Best regards,
 Game designer & project lead


Thanks henriquejr!

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