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Dungeons of Edera - Released

by Hiddenx, 2022-06-18 08:20:26

The roguelike Dungeons of Edera has been released:

Dungeons of Edera: 1.0 Release

Hail adventurers!

The big day is here, three years in the making. 1.0 of Dungeons of Edera is now available!
I can't thank the folks who have been apart of the early access journey enough - you all helped me drive design, fix bugs, and gave excellent feedback to help make DOE what it is today.

So what does 1.0 mean for DoE?

I've completed what I have set out to complete for Dungeons of Edera, all of the base features are in that I initially planned. I will now be focusing on bugs and continuing to polish the core experience, and I ask that folks continue to join and report bugs in our discord, and continue to share their ideas.

First patch after 1.0 you can expect a remade Null Harbor!


  • Localization Improvements
  • Tutorial changes based on gamepad or keyboard
  • UI Improvements for Keyboard and Gamepad
  • Keybinds now update UI immediately
  • AI Fireball is no longer homing
  • Armor Talent Disassemble Fix
  • other minor fixes

Thanks apscp2005!

Some gameplay by Mr. Delightful:

ARPG Diablo like Dark Souls Fusion! Full Release! – Dungeons of Edera 1.0 Launch!

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