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Elder Scrolls Online - Is this any good now?

by Hiddenx, 2021-01-11 19:50:26

Technewstoday checked out The Elder Scrolls Online:

The Elder Scrolls Online Review – Is this any good now?

The multiplayer Tamriel experience has improved so much since its debut

The Elder Scrolls Online is a challenging game to review. It’s the reason why The Elder Scrolls VI still doesn’t exist, even if Bethesda is building a new graphical engine for the game. Even if it exists within the fantasy world of Tamriel, the Online RPG doesn’t feel like a part of the franchise it entails.

Many years after its launch, though, the game is indeed playable. The best thing about this persistent MMORPG world is how it doesn’t require monthly fees or additional payments. Check-in once, and your wallet will be safe to play the rest of the content.

If you want to play the next chapters, though, you’d have to pay for the DLC, albeit most of them carry plenty of extra content.


Final Say

Ultimately, everything we discussed makes for a great MMORPG game. Yet, it’s not the exact recipe for a great The Elder Scrolls entry.

TESO is a successful game on its rights, but it just falls flat against Skyrim, Oblivion, or Morrowing. The difference lies in its plot, storytelling, characters, and overall writing. The single-player experience has the level of…well, an MMORPG title.

Still, roaming across Tamriel with a squad of friends is a rewarding experience. Even if the combat is not very thrilling, the number of things to craft and create and the multitude of skills to explore make for an immersive experience.

Overall, I say The Elder Scrolls Online as a 7/10 game. It’s worth a try, don’t expect this to be an excellent single-player RPG. It is what it is. TESO is an online, ongoing experience with a broad crafting system plus an okay skill system.

I have to close by saying Bethesda is planning to create an Xbox Series X/S version and a PlayStation 5 version. However, because Microsoft bought Bethesda recently, we don’t know if the title will stay on the PlayStation storefront for long.

Lastly, TESO is commonly on discount on the Steam store, selling for under $10. The standard game includes all of the content except for Greymoor. For that kind of money, TESO is worth it!


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