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Elder Scrolls VI - Hammerfell the best choice

by Silver, 2019-05-11 00:07:27

Sportskeeda writes that Hammerfell is the best choice for The Elder Scrolls VI.

Hammerfell is a vast province in the west of Tamriel. In its northeast lies the hilly province of Skyrim which we experienced in the Elder Scrolls 5, and its southeast lies Cyrodiil, the land of Oblivion from Elder Scrolls 4.

Now Hammerfell is basically equivalent in size to Skyrim. But the variety in the landscape is more when compared to the latter. The entire Skyrim is basically covered in mountains and pine forests and hence every area looked vastly similar. Hammerfell on the other side boasts high deserts, grasslands, as well mountain ranges, making it the most diversified Elder Scrolls game location ever.

Now since Hammerfell also features coastlines, one may wonder whether Bethesda might add underwater segments in the game. I mean one can't deny the possibility of having the urge to explore every nook and cranny of this world right? Also since they are using new graphical technologies to make Elder Scrolls 6, it wouldn't be surprising if they added more verticality to the game when compared to the previous Elder Scrolls entries.


Thanks Farflame!

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