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Encased - First Hotfix

by Hiddenx, 2021-09-15 08:55:09

Henriquejr spotted the first hotfix for Encased:

ENCASED - Hotfix 1

20% discount, new trailer and first post-release hotfix

Since the release of Encased, we have been actively collecting your feedback and working on fixing bugs - both critical and minor - which are impacting the game experience. An updated version is already available for download. If you’ve not got the game yet, we have a release discount of 20%. You can find out more about the final version in our newest trailer.


Below is the list of fixes. Some notes may contain small spoilers.


  • Fatigue recovery increased threefold with all bed types
  • The frequency of attacks on settlements has been significantly reduced
  • Corrected the description of the "Dawn" relic
  • Description of the Atox stimulator has been changed
  • Added progression for buttstrokes
  • Fixed being able to equip the Servoshell while in a Servoshell

Quests and Events

  • Fixed the position of the Maelstrom beacon in the First Settlers Camp
  • Fixed Influence check in dialogue with Pepper
  • Fixed completing the "Against All Protocols" quest in case of Monty James’ death
  • Fixed some checks in the "Help me" quest
  • Fixed some endings


  • Reworked mechanics of "The Return of Ursula" quest
  • Using the car in the prologue now does not add Fatigue to the character and cannot cause death from it
  • The interaction with the Hog loaders has been temporarily changed


  • Clicking the "Store All" button now does not close the container window
  • Clicking the "Store All" button is accompanied by a sound event
  • Esc button correctly closes game windows
  • Improved the responsiveness of clicking on buttons in the quick access panel on the right side of the screen
  • Changed time preview in the time skip window

Translation and Voiceover

  • Added many missing translations Note: already improved but still being worked on is the version for Chinese (Simplified)
  • Added Fox voiceover in the Russian version of the game
  • Voiceover bugs fixed; narrator lines added in the English version of the game
  • Fixed subtitles in the intro cutscene
  • Fixed greetings and goodbyes for some characters

Status effects

  • Changed the "Restless" status effect


  • Fixed burning skeleton (added name and description - Pyro-Skeleton)
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of necroids in combat

Bugs and Errors

  • Fixed infinite loading when exiting to main menu in the Nashville cave
  • Fixed several types of freezes
  • Fixed access to shelves in Magellan's library
  • Fixed access to some objects on the Abandoned Film Set
  • Fixed the ladder leading from the sewers to the destroyed parking lot in Nashville
  • Fixed freezing when pickpocketing from a character at Concord station
  • Fixed problems with game launching on systems with some types of oriental calendars


  • Changed the appearance of Clara Morgan in the Unknown Place event
  • Fixed portraits and appearance of some characters
  • Added story illustrations

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Setting: Post-Apoc
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Platform: PC
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