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Encased - Funded!

by Silver, 2018-10-11 00:05:42

Encased has been funded on Kickstarter and is now onto stretch goals.


Thank you!

And we do want to express our sincere gratitude to our backers in these exact words. We are thrilled to be able to make Encased the RPG exactly as it was intended, with your help.

The Kickstarter campaign is taking a lot of energy and we are damned tired, but there’s still about a week to go and we have tons of plans and ideas. What else can we include in the game to make it even better and more interesting? How will additional funds from this point on affect Encased?

That’s what we’ll cover in today's update!

$105 000 — The Fallen Fortress Encounter

Fascinating combat encounter where the player must defend a crashed bomber in the desert against a crowd of raiders. Read more about this event in one of our previous updates

$110 000 — Interesting Free Play

Mode Encased won’t end when the credits roll. Moreover, the post-completion Free Play Mode will get a number of interesting options, additional quests, events and dialogues. The game will also “remember” which ending the player achieved and the world will adjust accordingly.

$120 000 — Upgradable Mobile HQ

An auto-train buried in the sands will appear on the outskirts of the Dome. The hero will be able to capture and restore it, and use it as a mobile base of operations.

The auto-train is designed to be modular: some cars provide the ability to produce weapons, others allow you to heal injured comrades (or yourself), and a third type acts as a launching pad for reconnaissance drones. There are also several random events and quests associated with the road train.

You can read more about Free Play Mode and the mobile base here.

$130 000 — Player Vehicles

The desert under the Dome is vast and dangerous. It is much safer, and less exhausting, to travel behind the wheel of your own vehicle. However, safety does not equal boredom. Automobile ownership automatically triggers the appearance of specialized “automotive” events in the game, as well as additional ways to complete quests.


 Also, the car (or the motorcycle) can be upgraded into a real post-apocalyptic tank.

$130 001 — 1 Combond Encounter

We’re all used to quests of epic complexity being rewarded with superior loot and good money. But what about an adventure that pays a single coin? Will it be easy? Maybe. Will it be strange? Definitely. In any case, the result will be completely unpredictable.


 After collecting $130,001, we will add this funny and unusual quest to the game.

$135 000 — Personal Drone Assistants

Robotics is one area where the technologies under the Dome have been successfully implemented. These little-studied mechanisms have allowed the creation of lightweight, levitating drones that crack wise, criticize the player’s actions, occasionally do useful things, and sometimes even participate in combat.

The drone is not merely a companion, but also an exciting “construction kit”, whose components can be assembled in a variety of ways. As a result, you might convert a frail flying robot into an incredibly effective fighter, or an inconspicuous scout into a universal first-aid kit, darting from unit to unit on the battlefield.

$145 000 — Gladiator Arena

Having been captured by one of the raider factions, a player may find himself in a real post-apocalyptic coliseum! Gladiatorial combat in the world of Encased is not just a bloody fight for survival, but a whole game unto itself, with match-fixing, intrigue, and confrontation between champions.


You will also discover unique items, interesting text events, and a couple of extra hours of gameplay to spend knocking the crap out of opponents in multiple colorful and detailed arenas.

And by the way, you can bet on yourself at the local bookie.

$160 000 — Mod Support

A good RPG often awakens the desire to continue or expand its story. Or write a completely new one. Such has been the case with the classic Fallout, as well as The Elder Scrolls series, and we hope the same will be true of Encased.

If we collect $160,000 or more, we will create a toolkit with a user-friendly interface to pass along to our players.

$210 000 — Narrative Voiceover

Encased has a lot of stories that could be even better if the “narrator” had a real voice. But we need your help with this.

Project funding info: $99,799 pledged by 2,331 backers!

Once again - thanks to each and every one of you!

Thanks screeg!

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