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Encased - New Monsters & Pre-order Available

by Silver, 2018-12-04 22:42:50

A new update for Encased announces first rewards, new monsters and that the game is now available to pre-order.

New monsters and dangers of the Dome in development

The desert under the Dome was a bit empty, so we decided to spice thing up with some new and unusual creatures! Now the sands of the Dome will be host to giant, acid-spitting beetles; doodlebugs the size of a car, which wait hidden in funnels in the ground for their prey; huge armadillos; and possums with a squad of aggressive joeys living on their backs.


News spread quickly at the Magellan Research Facility. By 1:00 pm, all White Wing employees had abandoned their lunches and gathered at the loading dock to await the cargo.

An expectant silence greeted the truck’s arrival. A huge, hulking form lay in the back, haphazardly covered in layers of tarpaulin.


 Lab tech Rao, Dr. Osovitsky’s assistant, touched him gently on the sleeve.

“What’s that oozing?” he asked, nodding at the thin layer of slime covering the body of the truck.

“Нemolymph, I suppose.” Osovitsky pulled a notebook and pen from his pocket, and began to take notes.

The truck eased to a stop. A Black Wing sergeant exited the vehicle and took a few long strides towards the scientists.

“Unload,” he said to a group of Oranges standing nearby. They approached the cargo reluctantly. “Just take care not to get any of this stuff on you, it’s almost like acid. Made a mess of Medeiros’ and Ginsburg’s shoes.” “Astonishing!” mumbled Osovitsky, scribbling on his notepad. “Giant acid beetles!”


New NPC’s and characters

Every story is driven by its heroes, so we pay the closest attention to our characters. Before sketching out an NPC’s physical appearance, our writers detail their backstory and personality traits.


Among these faces you will find a cult leader who controls the will of hundreds, a married couple who bitterly hate each other, and a stern woman who holds the fate of half the Dome in her hands.

And our community manager, a more desperate case than all the others combined...


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