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Encased - New Screenshots

by Silver, 2019-03-13 18:47:12

The latest update for Encased shows off some new screenshots.

KSU #31: New Screenshots

update heading

“My father showed me my first miracle when I was a little boy. Starting with a photograph, he explained everything that went into the process of making it: lens, lamps, cuvettes, the mysterious dark room, photographic film, solutions, and finally the image, slowly emerging as if by magic from the void. It was as if I had discovered a window into a whole new world.

Sometimes I think this desert beneath the Dome works in exactly the same way. Perform the correct ritual and it will reveal its secrets. Not immediately, of course, but slowly. Be patient and in the end the picture will appear. You will not discover everything all at one...

But it is just as awe inspiring.”

(from a scrap of paper found drifting across the sands of the Southern Region.)

The graphics for Encased are slowly but steadily taking on a more polished and distinctive shape. It’s very important tous that with a single glance at the screen, players can say, “Yeah, I know that game!" Our artists and level-designers are working long and hard to fulfill that goal.

Why don’t we check on some of their work? Let’s take a look at screenshots from some of our work-in-progress locations.


Imagine that later today you’re scheduled for a serious talk with some bigshot from management. You have a feeling an assignment is coming up, something big involving new responsibilities. It’s obviously in your best interest to get as much information as possible. What’s your plan?

You could search for information on a public terminal; hack into the main servers; study the Dome’s strategic map in order to draw conclusions from key site placements; or find a Silver Wing associate and charm or intimidate them into sharing privileged information. There will be many different possibilities, and it’s up to the game to present them for you. But which solution you choose is always up to you.

rocky outcropping

The road leading to this cave is obstructed by hazardous anomalies. You don’t know what’s inside. How dangerous said anomalies might be is also a mystery to you. But due to an overheard conversation between two people from a nearby village, this site is particularly tempting. What to do...

You could attempt to find a different way in; use scientific equipment to discharge the anomalies; use your agility to cautiously squeeze past them; put your visor down and take your armor for a test run; or simply turn back. In every situation, you will have several options for finding a way in or out.

gun fortifications

In the darkness of the alternative past, bunkers littler the desert. Along with the turrets guarding them. Here is a situation every genre-loving gamer has experienced at least once: You need to get inside, but the entrance is guarded. Problem is, you don’t know if the bunker’s inhabitants and their turrets see you as an enemy or a friend. It’s probably a good idea to double check.

But the easiest way is not always the right one. Maybe you should look around for a secret tunnel; ask an inhabitant on a smoke break about the pros and cons; use your lockpick and hacking skills; or just throw an EMP grenade and tell everyone it was a lightning strike. A motivated individual will always find a way.


What could be better than a cozy evening enjoying the warmth of a post-apocalyptic bonfire? An evening spent on nothing but quality time. Fun activities may include: scaring away a gang of raiders attracted by your fire; stealthily accessing the storeroom of a deserted filling station; eavesdropping on the latest secrets and gossip of the folks occupying the nearby ruins; or engaging in some fair (or not so fair) trade with the locals.

Don’t forget to admire the beautiful scenery on the way!

running down hill

Is there anything beautiful to be found in a swamp? If you don’t mind getting your hands, legs and everything else dirty, then yes. Otherwise CRONUS wouldn’t send yet another expedition into these parts. Truth be told, all participants are currently MIA. A slightly rusty, tracked vehicle is the only sign of the expedition’s passing.

Now you have to map an uncharted, toxic swamp, fight off monsters, look for traces of survivors, search their corpses for evidence, and finally put their sad story together. Or maybe you’ll go your own way and pursue your own goals. Though the swamps will be no less unpleasant, this need not be the main episode of your gaming experience.

While conquering the Dome and its virtual territories, don’t forget about the real world. Or rather about Steam, our bridge between the digital and the material.


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