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Everspace 2 - Interview and Update

by Silver, 2019-11-07 10:26:50

An interview about Everspace 2 from Gamingbolt and a Kickstarter update about level design.

Given its very premise, it goes without saying that exploration and a sense of discovery are vital elements in the game. With that in mind, how have you been approaching crafting content – whether that’s in terms of locations or alien species or something else – that will encourage players to explore as much as possible?

Exploring, gathering resources, finding blueprints and crafting epic gear will play a much bigger role in Everspace 2. Of course, we already have a basic idea of where we want to go with this. But, since this will be the meat on the bone of the game – while the Everspace-style fast-paced combat and audiovisual experience would be the bone in that context – we really look forward to developing these tightly interwoven core features together with our community. Our pitch is Freelancer meets Diablo! Let’s see where this will lead.

Can you talk about progression mechanics in the game in terms of loot drops and customization mechanics?

As said, we have been heavily inspired by Diablo and similar loot-heavy games, and we are hard at work on a deep loot system that will feature a broad range of equipment to customize your particular playstyle, or for the situation at hand. Random and exotic modifiers will provide endless opportunity in the intergalactic war-torn game world of Everspace 2, as well as provide synergistic ways to mix and match your arsenal for daring combos to defeat even the toughest bosses in the endgame.


Level Design: The Flow Of Movement

Regarding all things level design, I set myself one major rule for the original EVERSPACE that I tried to follow as much as possible: From the very beginning, it was clear that our ship movement would be very fast, like ridiculously fast. If I had to describe it, I'd use the word “dancing”. This concept is something I wanted to explore even further in EVERSPACE 2.

Levels need to be fun! And the closer the actual game mechanics can be reflected in the level design, the better. EVERSPACE has always been a game close to something like a fast-paced action shooter where players might triple-jump to higher ground, fire back some rockets, dodge an incoming projectile and jump down spinning around while accidentally hitting a barrel in the background, setting the whole place afire.


Thanks Farflame!

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